Who Should Team With The Undertaker & Kane to Face The Wyatt Family at Survivor Series 2015?


Although the card is always subject to change and nothing has been officially booked yet, it seems obvious that one of the matches we’ll be getting at Survivor Series will be The Wyatt Family against The Undertaker and Kane to some capacity. There’s always the potential that this could be a handicap match or something of the sort, but more than likely, The Brothers of Destruction will be getting two partners to align with in their fight against the crazy cult.

Just who should those two people be, though?


Given enough of a character shift or the right push at the right time, anybody can possibly fill the role, but there definitely are a few names that stand out to me above all the rest. You have to take into account the pecking order of the roster, as people like The Prime Time Players just aren’t on the same level and would feel out of place. Along with that, you need people who have characters that seem to fit the scenario. For instance, it wouldn’t make any sense for Alberto Del Rio to suddenly turn babyface, ignore his United States Championship contenders and wrestle this match rather than the traditional elimination bout.

That being said, here are the couple of names that I think are potential candidates for those two empty spots (in no particular order):

Big Show

Right now, Big Show isn’t involved in any kind of feud, so it’s not as though he already has a match scheduled for Survivor Series and can’t get out of it. While there’s no beef between him and The Wyatt Family, that could easily be brought into the mix. All it takes is for Big Show to be scheduled to fight one of the members and for them to attempt to abduct him like they’ve done with Kane and Taker, and suddenly he’s involved in the feud. That’s the beauty of random match booking for Monday Night Raw.

Even if that doesn’t happen, there’s still a history between Big Show and The Brothers of Destruction. He’s worked as a tag team partner with both of them in the past, so his inclusion to this feud could be written to reference the underlying respect that he has for them, despite having also feuded with them multiple times. There’s also the Brock Lesnar connection, with Big Show having lost to him at Madison Square Garden and Undertaker just losing to him at Hell in a Cell. Maybe that helped those two sides see eye-to-eye on yet another mutual enemy.

Perhaps the biggest reason Big Show is a possibility is that his size matches up with someone like Braun Strowman. If you’re going to be fighting such an imposing stable, your teammates better be pretty damn big to balance out the equation, and there aren’t any bigger people on the roster than Big Show.

Dean Ambrose

In no way do I expect Ambrose to be involved in this match whatsoever, but that doesn’t mean it’s a 100% guarantee, either. Right now, I think he fits the traditional five-on-five match more than anything else (along with Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Neville against Alberto Del Rio, Kevin Owens, Tyler Breeze, King Barrett and Sheamus).

Still, despite putting his feud with The Wyatt Family to rest at Hell in a Cell, he’s someone that WWE could put in this match and he wouldn’t feel out of place. He’s at the right level in terms of popularity and he’s got that deranged quality to him that could work well with Undertaker and Kane.

Since there are many other names on this list, I wouldn’t be placing any bets that Ambrose will be in this match, but you never quite know for sure.

Randy Orton

Assuming Randy Orton is cleared from his shoulder injury in time to wrestle for this match, he is by far the most likely candidate on the entire roster. Even before The Undertaker was taken at Hell in a Cell, Orton was the first abductee of recent times, being taken out of the equation several weeks ago, which caused the original plans for the kickoff to change.

Orton will no doubt have a score to settle with The Wyatt Family and would jump on any opportunity to seek vengeance. His character suits the situation and he is undoubtedly a huge name to add to the ranks. I’d also rather see Orton return and continue this feud than to be stuck meandering in the midcard with no clear direction, that’s for sure.


Here’s where we start getting into some really speculative options, but ones that would be cool nonetheless. Just the same as the Randy Orton injury situation, Sting’s availability to wrestle is in question and puts a lot of doubts in my mind about whether or not he’d be booked for the event in a few weeks.

However, if he’s been cleared, how awesome would this be? I don’t even need to discuss the credibility of Sting’s roster spot, nor do I need to elaborate on why his character would fit well with Undertaker and Kane, do I? There were rumors that Sting could be wrestling Bray Wyatt at some point and this could be either that coming to fruition or perhaps even just the start of a bigger feud to come. While we’re on the subject, this match could be the foundation for a match between Sting and Undertaker at WrestleMania next year, too.

Also, Sting’s gimmick for his last two matches has been “the guy who comes out of nowhere to right a wrong and stop some sort of injustice in the company” which has this feud written all over it. Sting could be the person who saves Undertaker, Kane and Randy Orton from captivity, which needs to be explained in some fashion down the line. Out of everybody on the roster, he’s the best suited for that role. All of the supernatural stuff needs a heavy dose of suspension of disbelief medicine, but comparing Sting as the savior to someone like Mark Henry, who do you see making more sense? There’s no way Fandango goes from dancing to breaking into a cult’s compound to rescue dead men.

The Dudley Boyz

Tonight’s episode of Raw could prove me wrong very easily, but I think The Dudley Boyz are stepping away from The New Day for a little bit. We never saw a tables match between the two teams, which is a shame, although I think that’s a byproduct of WWE’s poor planning. I maintain that the Madison Square Garden show was the perfect time to do that match and for The Dudley Boyz to win the titles, with a regular rematch happening at Hell in a Cell, rather than for MSG to be a complete duplicate of what happened at Night of Champions.

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