Who Should Win the AEW TBS Championship? & Monday Morning Q&A


That makes it Balor vs. Woods in the finals. As much as I’m hoping Woods wins this, I think WWE can’t help itself but to disappoint people, seemingly even on purpose, and I think Balor is winning it. The Prince and Demon King ideas merge with him being King of the Ring and it rejuvenates him a bit from his loss to Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules, while they treat Woods like he should be happy that he got to the finals and that’s “good enough, right?” If I didn’t know how much Woods has been campaigning for this, I’d be cool with all the other options winning, but I’m rooting for Woods, as much as I don’t believe WWE will actually pull the trigger.

For the Queen’s Crown, I was shocked we’re getting Zelina Vega vs. Carmella. I figured it was guaranteed to be either Vega vs. Liv Morgan or Toni Storm vs. Carmella. Since Morgan was spoiled by Carmella, I’m leaning toward a distraction on her part that costs Carmella that match and we get Zelina Vega in the finals.

Then, we know Dana Brooke isn’t beating Shayna Baszler unless there’s some sort of interference on Doudrop’s behalf. I don’t think Doudrop makes it to the finals. She either loses to Nattie or she loses to Baszler in the semi-finals.

This kind of comes down to whether or not they want to have Natalya win as The Queen of Harts or Baszler win as The Queen of Spades. Both are viable options and I think if either of them makes it to the finals, they beat Vega.

My personal preference would be to go for Natalya. I think Baszler’s doing fine enough on her own just beating people up, but Nattie needs more of a boost and a change in her character. If she can be Queen Natalya, maybe that’ll inject more personality in her beyond just being a staple of the division.

However, they’re setting up Doudrop vs. Baszler, so I don’t think Nattie is making it past the first round.

Personal preference, I’d go with Woods and Natalya winning. Prediction, I’ll go Balor and Baszler.

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