Who Should Win the WWE Tough Enough Finale Tonight?


The finale for this season of WWE Tough Enough is tonight, meaning one woman and one man will be winning a WWE contract worth $250,000. It’s not the end of the road for the losers, as previous seasons of Tough Enough have shown, but it’s nonetheless a bigger opportunity to get that victory than it is to come in second place.

For the men’s side of things, we have ZZ and Josh. For the women, Sara Lee and Amanda. Your mileage may vary on whether or not those are the top four from this competition, but whatever the case may be, those are your choices for who to vote for tonight. Which two should get your votes? Let’s break them down.


Zamariah “ZZ” Loupe vs. Joshua “Josh” Bredl

ZZ has made his way into the finals purely by his comedic value, which has saved him on numerous occasions when put up against tougher competition. There’s no denying his lack of physicality and to an extent, understanding of what’s exactly going on in the show itself. He’s charismatic and highly entertaining, but in a way that the audience looks down on him. Could ZZ really be a WWE superstar with a legitimate career, or is he just someone who would work well as a manager or the host of a random show on the WWE Network?

On the other hand, Josh has been making steady improvements in all the avenues ZZ has been lacking. He’s dropped weight, learned how to perform in the ring rather well in comparison, and has gotten more comfortable on the mic, too. Josh doesn’t have the same level of charisma as ZZ and that might hurt him, but he’s not a wet blanket like Tanner, either. There’s a lot of potential to Josh, even if it can be quite annoying how much he overdoes the yeti call.

What’s interesting is that last week, ZZ was not the one with the highest amount of votes—Josh was. Is this an indicator of what’s going to happen with the finale? Does ZZ have a chance to turn things around, or is Josh commanding too much of a lead for ZZ to be able to catch up and surpass him?

Sara Lee vs. Amanda Saccomanno

If you think ZZ and Josh can be viewed as opposites, you’re in for so much more when it comes to Sara Lee and Amanda. You’ve got the brunette vs. the blonde; the timid girl next door vs. the outspoken bitchy model; the nose ring vs. the fake boobs (as Gabi loved to point out); the smile vs. the scowl.

Sara Lee is super cute and clearly has the voting audience in a spell of infatuation. I don’t blame them. As beautiful as the other women have been this season, the one woman I bring up all the time when asked who is the most attractive is Sara Lee. There’s an extremely good chance that Sara takes the win here, as she’s been very popular in the votes on a consistent basis while Amanda would have been eliminated had The Miz not used his save on her. Then again, since that time, Amanda’s made some stronger impressions and upped her game. She’s clearly the more advanced of the two when it comes to in-ring skills and she’s got a more vivacious personality that could more easily translate itself to the roster, while Sara Lee would need to work on both physical and character aspects before being good enough to hang with the rest of the divas.

It will be interesting to see if the audience votes for who they like the best on a personal level or who they want to see given a contract to work for WWE. Of course, there’s no definitive divide when it comes to that, and there will be people who think either woman applies to both categories, but there definitely is more of a distinction between Sara Lee supporters and Amanda supporters. At this point, it’s more of a question of who is more vocal and how many more numbers each side of the poll has.

Who am I voting for?

So far this season, I haven’t voted a single time, mostly because I’ve been unable to catch the show live. If I were to cast my vote for this finale, though, I’d have to give it to Josh and Amanda. They may not have been my favorites all season, but they’re the smarter choices in my opinion for who WWE can get the most out of with the $250,000. The last season of Tough Enough was a complete waste, where every person in the competition ended up going nowhere except, funny enough, the first one eliminated, Ariane Andrew (WWE’s Cameron). We can’t have another Andy Leavine that WWE spends time and money on and releases after a Stone Cold Stunner. ZZ is someone who I have trouble imagining will go far in the company and Sara Lee, as much as I find her adorable, just hasn’t improved enough for me to justify giving her the win. I’d be happy if WWE found a use for both of them as well as Josh and Amanda, but I think the monetary investment in the winner is too much for them. WWE would be much better off financially giving them a smaller contract and then trying to figure out the best use of their skills than to invest $250k in them and find out that wrestling isn’t their passion. It’s a better reality TV story for ZZ and Sara to win, but if you want to be safe with the actual future of WWE, I say vote for Josh and Amanda.

Who are you hoping wins this season of Tough Enough? Can you sway others to vote for your favorites? Tell us what’s going on in your mind and your predictions for tonight’s finale in the comments below!

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