Who To Watch This Year In The WWE


Ending Stars and Beginning Stars, Top 15 

Daniel Bryan – His the face of the company and the fans favourite Yes Man!!! Can things get even better for the Bearded Warrior?

Roman Reigns – Will we see more dominance from the muscle of the Shield! of course we will he’ll break more records and elevate to the top.

Bray Wyatt – The Sinister monster will carry on putting veterans careers in jeopardy and making sure everyone knows who Bray Wyatt is.

Cesaro – We will see more amazing Feats of strength and more storylines involving the Swiss Superman.

Seth Rollins – More High Flying moves on the horizon as well as more mic time for the air bound member of the Shield?

Dean Ambrose – More title defences? More attitude and more Brawling from the wild predator of the Shield?

Big E – Picking up big wins and appearing as a legit threat to the WWE a World Heavyweight Championship.

Bad News Barrett – Winning a Mid-Card title and interacting with the audience becoming a fan favourite.

Kofi Kingston – Turing Heel and showing of crazy moves as well as attitude through out gimmick matches.

John Cena – Turing on the fans and defending his legacy in a back to front way?

Sheamus – The company are hot on Sheamus and with the right guidance we will hopefully see a Heel turn and a big MITB win?

Triple H – The Authority leader may be in his last years but it don’t mean he can’t put up a fight, so expect big big rivalries with top young stars.

The Usos – A tag team ladder match? Losing the tag team titles and regaining them all in the same year?

Harper and Rowan – Tag Team Title win? Winning big matches like their leader and helping victimise innocent superstars?

Alexander Rusev – He may not be picking up big wins but a wins a win at the end of the day and it all looks good on paper.

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