Who will be the next WWE world heavyweight Champion?


In my past editorial, I delivered a message to everyone, that Daniel Bryan may surrender his title. Of course as
an editor I am not judging his perform but due to this complicated situation, a
superstar cannot be champion that long and he is unable to defend the title on
PPV. The authority striped the title from Daniel Bryan this Monday on RAW. A new champion will crown at Money In the Bank. Randy Orton the
superstar who have an opportunity to prove himself as a babyface Champion which
it is great before a match huge at Summerslam.
John Cena wants to continue his quest
to break Ric Flair record 16 –Time world champion. But the future is now guys. It
time for WWE to come up with new idea.
Bring the new talents on the road to success as they had done with John Cena in
2005. Cesaro is ready for the big one. The opportunity is real for him now. This
is the moment for Cesaro to bright
in WWE. Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus
prove that they can be good champion and handle perfect the story-line. But my favorite
will be Bray Wyatt I think with his character will be great as champion. His
persona is interesting. Then the direction of title quest will save the come –back of Daniel Bryan from injury.

The D-Bryan will return at
Summerslam. This is sure and the company wants him to be champion again, to do
a big follow up to future a match at Wrestlemania. The vacant title can make a
good transition for WWE. They must made up a good plan for the next Champion he
will be in the Shadow of John Cena or Triple H reigning as king of the show and
won’t the opportunity to other to do their job properly.The choice is difficult but at
the end there will be a new champion and the wwe universe will be shocked.

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