Get to Know All Elite Wrestling’s Jurassic Express


All Elite Wrestling is getting ready to debut on live television on October 2nd on TNT. There have already been four PPV events for the new company and fans are getting in-depth exposure to some new faces that only the hardcore people would recognize. We are one month away from AEW’s first live television taping but there are no events slated between now and then. While we have seen many of the faces in the company, we don’t know too much about them. As we get closer to October 2nd, we will start getting to know the talent better beforehand. The first preview will focus on one of the more popular trios featuring Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy, and Marko Stunt: Jurassic Express


Austin Matelson aka Luchasaurus is quickly becoming one of the most popular personas in AEW. At 34, Matelson is hitting the high point of his career. He was formerly known as Judas Devlin in WWE from 2012-14. He wrestled for FCW before it got rebranded to NXT. In 2014, he was released due to a severe hip injury. Matelson was named as one of the wrestlers abused by trainer Bill DeMott.


From 2016-2018, he was with Lucha Underground. He wrestled as an early version of Luchasaurus, Vibora. His character was a silent snake and was part of the Reptile Trible stable. He had a reign with the Lucha Underground Trios Championship. His run with Lucha ended in 2018 after a storyline with Johnny Mundo and Taya Valkyrie. Taya killed off Vibora after “cutting” the head off the snake with a sword.

Luchasaurus was born while he was with House of Hardcore and it became popular in the indies. AEW saw the pop he was getting and was one of the early signings. With his dinosaur-like character, it was a given to team him with the smaller Jungle Boy and then later with Marko Stunt as well. Luchasaurus is 6’5″ but he can flip around the ring and is quite agile for a man his size. He has strength as well, including an intense chokeslam. Part of his character to date is being silent. However, upon signing with AEW, he wants to focus more on his vocal skills and promos.

He has had three matches thus far for AEW. At Double or Nothing, he was one of the final three in the Casino Battle Royale. For Fight for the Fallen, he lost a three-way tag match. On All Out, he lost in a six-man tag match to SCU.

For someone who hasn’t spoken yet, Luchasaurus is one of the most over characters in the company. Once he starts cutting promos, he won’t be denied and should see a major push going forward.

Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is Jack Perry in real-life and is the son of the late actor Luke Perry. Luke Perry was always a huge wrestling fan and it transitioned over to his son, who has been a professional wrestler since he was a senior in high school. One of his trainers was David Arquette, fellow wrestler and a close actor friend to Luke Perry.

The nickname of Jungle Boy came from a ring announcer saying he looked like a “jungle boy” with his sleek figure and long curls. Since then, Perry has been developing the character by himself. Part of the inspiration of Jungle Boy was from former UFC champion Conor McGregor. McGregor used to fight in a “money-like stance” and Perry thought it would click well with his gimmick.

Boy and His Dinosaur

Like his partner Luchasaurus, Jungle Boy is very agile in the ring and a high-flyer. He is small but can bounce around the ring like Tarzan swinging from vines and trees. He is also one of the rising stars in AEW and has one of the more intriguing entrance, as he rides on the shoulders of Luchasaurus.

Jungle Boy has wrestled in every AEW event to date. He was one of the last five in the Casino Battle Royale at DoN. At Fytre Fest, he lost a four-way match against Adam Page, MJF, and Jimmy Havoc. At Fight for the Fallen, he lost a three-way tag match and lost the six-man tag against SCU at All Out.

He hasn’t won yet in AEW but with Jurassic Express, he should be a part of one of the most exciting tag teams in the business.

Marko Stunt

By far one of the smallest and most controversial members of AEW is Marko Stunt. Since debuting with the company, there has been major backlash with Stunt due to his size, inexperience, and his payday. It has been reported that “Marko Stunt level talent makes more than NXT contracts pay”. Nonetheless, Stunt is getting over partly due to his partners.

Since joining Jurassic Express, Stunt is getting more air time and his ring time increases with each match. Still, he is very small compared to the rest of the roster and it will hurt him in retaining his popularity.

Jurassic Express

At this point, Stunt feels more like a third wheel to Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. His stint will likely tire out before long. Either way, Stunt is more of a “manager” role for Jurassic Express and will be used in the ring for big pops.




Comment below for your thoughts on AEW and the Jurassic Express! Next preview will be on Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D.

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