Why Daniel Bryan Is Not best For Business


There are a lot of wrestling fans that feel that Daniel Bryan is the best wrestler alive and that he should be WWE World Heavyweight Champion. In this article, I will explain why Daniel Bryan (Or Bryan Danielson, as he’s known on the Indyan scene) is not only unfit to be the “face” of WWE, but unfit to be in WWE period. I hope that by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll agree with me.

Since Wrestlemania 28, the WWE Universe has been chanting Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” at almost every show imaginable. Let me ask you this, what kind of catchphrase is yes? It’s just a word. As in, “Yes, I would like to see more Jack Swager matches.” Or “Yes, bringing Batista back is a good move.” I can’t figure out how one guy has done so much with so little. There’s so many better catchphrases out there. Like, Austin’s What, R-Truth’s What’s up, and Ron Simon’s DAMN. How this guy got over with something as simple as yes is beyond me.

Daniel Bryan is also, a spotlight hog. He wasn’t content with not being in the main event at Wrestlemania (my sources tell me that he even threatened to follow the liar CM Punk when he walked out) so he whined until he got his own way. He even went as far as trying to take over Raw in Memphis when he brought all of his “fans” to the ring. Why can’t he just let Batista have his moment? That poor guy has been through enough, what with his best friend Rey Mysterio screwing him over countless times. Byran needs to just step back and let Dave and Orton have the spotlight they rightfully deserve.

Daniel Bryan is from the 3rd worst WWE city.

Think about this. He choked Justin Roberts with his tie. He uses submission holds and a flying headbutt. He’s a vanilla midget. Ladies and gentlemen, Daniel Bryan is basically Chris Benoit. Yes, I said it. This guy is a concussion away from committing the 2nd worst tragedy in American history. Is this really a guy WWE should want as the face of their company? 

These are just a few of the many reasons that Daniel Bryan isn’t a good fit for WWE or it’s fans. Will Triple H and The McMahons open their eyes and see that this guy is nothing more than a talentless ticking timebomb? Only time will tell. But in this writer’s eye, one thing is for certain: Daniel Bryan is not “best for business.”

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