Why I’m Excited For WM30


We are on the road to Wrestlemania. You all know this, but it is my favorite time of the year. Die hard fans are given multiple reasons to complain, casual fans tune back in, and I’m sure those whom have never watched before probably even take a peek. Each day we take one step closer to the grand daddy of them all, and with this year being Wrestlemania 30, I’m even more pumped than I have been in the past.


This all starts on the night of the Royal Rumble. This years Rumble was enjoyable to me, for the crowd. Some people enjoyed the show, others didn’t, each has their own opinion. We all know who won at the Rumble, who lost, and who was the victim of bad booking. Our next stop is the Elimination Chamber which is next week, Feb 23rd. I can sit here and complain about a lot of things with the WWE. CM Punk walking out, the lack of direction for Big E Langston, and Batista winning the Rumble. There are also a lot of positives. We are finally see The Wyatt Family vs The Shield, Daniel Bryan is still the focal point of the WWE, and most of the divisions of the WWE are getting a focus. 3 years ago, we all would say the Diva’s division was lackluster, the tag division was poor, and the mid card champions weren’t being showcased. While it is true that the mid card champs are not being showcased as they should be(besides this past Raw, when has Dean defended the title), the Diva’s division is actually better than it has been in recent years in regards to the talent, and the tag division is being heavily focused on. Next weeks Elimination Chamber should be good. I think the Chamber match will be better than what one might expect, and the 3 on 3 tag match will probably steal the show. I’m more interested in what comes out of the Elimination Chamber, and puts us in position for WM30. Here is my speculation.

First, I think we will see the Shield lose at the Chamber, due to an implosion which will lead to Ambrose vs Reigns vs Rollins at WM 30. To me it is the perfect platform for Reigns to win, turn face, and begin a push. Not a main event, win the WWE World title push, but a very strong push nonetheless. Part of me thinks Rollins and Ambrose will go at it in the singles department, but who knows, maybe we will see Rollins and Ambrose stick together after WM30, and be a focal point of the tag division.

Next, I think we shall see Daniel Bryan vs Triple H. I know others, myself included, really want to see Daniel Bryan in the WWE World title match and win it, but the fact is Punk leaving has left a gap. Bryan fits perfectly into that with what has gone on since Summerslam. To me this is the chance to really begin Bryan’s rise to dominance, and eventually wins the WWE World title. At Summerslam, HHH screwed Bryan out of the title, and at WM30, Bryan gets revenge. I could then see Bryan move on to feud with a heel Batista, and win the title. Ill get to that more though.

Now, I think another match we shall see is John Cena vs Bray Wyatt. They set it up at the Rumble when the Wyatts screwed Bray, and I have a sneaking suspicion that they will cost Cena his spot in the Elimination Chamber. By that I mean, I could see Cena eliminating Cesaro or Christian, only for that person to go to leave, the lights go out, come back on, and boom, Bray is in the ring behind Cena and plants him with a Sister Abigail. While this won’t be a 5 star wrestling classic, I think it will be a good match, and a chance for Cena to put Bray over.

Next I think we will see the tag titles defend at WM 30. My guess is the New Age Outlaws will still be the champs. I envision it somewhat like this. The NAO are still the champs, and we either see NAO vs the Usos, or NAO vs the Usos and 1 or 2 other teams. To me, WM 30 is a chance to really let the future of the WWE shine, and I think we will see that at this PPV. I see the Usos finally winning the tag titles for the first time.

Lastly, the WWE World Title picture. It will be Orton vs Batista, we know that at least. People might think Bryan will get thrown in, but I don’t think he will. I think we will see Batista defeat Orton at WM30 and walk out the champ. This isn’t the ending moment I want, but I can easily see it happening. This is where I think it gets interesting. If this does occur, i see Batista turning heel. We all know Batista has a new movie coming out this summer from Marvel. He could easily appear on Raw while still doing PR for the movie, but I look at it like this. At Extreme Rules, we see Orton vs Batista in a rematch with Batista winning. We see Batista defend against others, possibly against Daniel Bryan but not beating him cleanly. I think it will all lead to Summerslam, where we see Daniel Bryan vs Batista with Bryan winning clean, and doing the opposite of last years Summerslam, walking out the champ.

I know there has been other things I haven’t touched on like what will happen with the Intercontinental Title, if we will see Cody Rhodes vs Goldust, if there will be a Diva’s title match. I didn’t touch on those because quite frankly, I’m not too sure. I do know this though. Each day we draw closer to WM 30, exciting things are happening. The Elimination Chamber PPV is going to occur, the launch of the WWE Network will go down(hopefully very well), and then we will have WM 30, and the post Raw WM which is always awesome. This Wrestlemania has a lot of potential, and other than 1 glaring blah moment with the WWE World title, could really set the tone for the WWE for the next year. What do you guys think? What do you think we will see at WM 30? What are you most excited for? I look forward to all of your comments and thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to read!

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