Why Ratings are Down


I want to praise the WWE for taking a step in the right direction last Monday Night when they brought Vince Mcmahon back on Raw. He gave Reigns an ultimatum. Win the belt or get fired. Reigns won the belt. At this moment I felt something I had not felt in a long time in wrestling. I felt like the main event meant something.

A man’s career hung in the balance. He needed to win the belt or lose his career. Brilliant. Vince gave the show an injection of conflict that felt real and believable as opposed to what wrestling has felt like for many years and that was a bunch of reality star wannabe’s pretending unconvincingly that they were gonna beat up the other guy or girl.

I am not saying every pro wrestler should have some kind of amateur background, but all your wrestlers should be able to perform the special skill that is professional wrestling competently. This means the Summer Rae’s, the Naomi’s and Cameron’s should be fired.

The era of the fantasy inducing divas are through. There is no place for women to be in the WWE that are there because men think they look good. All the time, there is a big push for a diva’s revolution or there was, before the fans grew bored of it.

One could chalk this off to fans wanting something till they got it, or many other things, but what it really comes down to is two things.

1. Matches and their meanings

2. Substance vs Style

For far too long, the WWE has made their matches meaningless. Belts aren’t put on top guys anymore, they are whoever the boss wants and that is final and characters are sabotaged.

Stardust vs Arrow. A wrestler losing to a team featuring a Hollywood actor. Stupid, slap in the face to wrestling fans and wrestlers alike and less simulation of a sport and more blustery nonsense. Wrestling in the 80’s and attitude era had characters. Not every wrestler is Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt Stardust or the New Day.

Most wrestlers today, like Dolph Ziggler and many others have gimmicks they don’t either fully embrace their gimmicks or are just not convincing at selling them to the crowd. My solution to this is either let these people just be themselves or be give them gimmicks they are more comfortable with and more convincing at selling.

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