Why Reuniting The Shield Doesn’t Make Sense Right Now


For the better part of the last 7 years, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, and Seth Rollins have represented a band of workhorses that have changed the landscape of the WWE, held numerous titles, and will go down as one of the best stables in WWE History. Over the last week, rumors have been running rampant online that WWE is considering reuniting The Shield once again. Two weeks ago, a beaten down Dean Ambrose asked Seth Rollins backstage at RAW, “Where were you out there?” in reference to Rollins’ absence during Ambrose’s struggle. Last night on RAW though, Dean Ambrose faced off against Drew McIntyre in a no disqualification match, but was jumped by the trio of Elias, Bobby Lashley, and Lio Rush. As Ambrose was ruthlessly beaten down, Seth Rollins and the returning Roman Reigns fought off the adversaries and saved Ambrose from a sure beat down. Roman and Seth went back to the locker room afterward, leaving Dean behind. This week, Rollins was there for his former brother, and so was Reigns. Despite the way that fans reacted to this mini reunion on RAW, booking The Shield as a trio right now makes little sense.


First of all, Dean Ambrose is most likely leaving after Wrestlemania. Although there are a few rumors that this is a work, WWE did release a statement claiming that Ambrose would be leaving in April. If he indeed leaves, it would make no sense as in a few short months, Dean will be gone.

Secondly, just 4 short months ago, Ambrose stabbed Rollins in the back. Not only was it the night they won the Tag Team Titles, but the night that Reigns revealed he was battling Leukemia once again. The emotion and hatred Ambrose showed here brought the feud to a new level and makes me wonder why Rollins and Reigns would consider teaming up with Ambrose so soon after this happened.

Because of Dean’s untrustworthiness, and the fact that he will most likely be leaving soon, I question the angle that WWE is going with this. I hope that The Shield is not reunited for these reasons and fear if WWE goes ahead and pulls the trigger on the angle, it would make Ambrose and Rollins’ last feud meaningless.

Do you want to see The Shield reunite? Comment below. 

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