Why TNA is hard to watch?


My 1st article back was a test for the readers to see if anyone would catch that my top 10 didn’t feature a TNA wrestler. So why is that? That is the point of this 2nd article is to tell you why TNA is hard to watch for me. I’ve been a fan of TNA since 04 during the foxsports days. Been loyal viewer ever since. 1 thing I wanted to point out from the comment section before I begin my article: I was called a “wwefanboy”. I figured it would be a response I would receive because as always people get froggy jumping to conclusions. Let me tell you something bub, I’ve bought my fair share of TNA merch in the past few years including the commemorative coin celebrating 10 years of Total Nonstop Action. I’m 320 of 1000 TNA fans that have this product. The thing that makes me mad about this is that not 1000 of the coins that were made have been purchased. You can still purchase yours on the website. Tell me, what number you are out of 1000. Anyway, got that out of my system: Why is TNA hard to watch at least now days for me? 

Knockouts division: Start off with the division that TNA always gets so much praise for over the years. Tna actually has storylines, airtime, and so forth into their women’s wrestling in comparison to WWE. If you wanted to see women “wrestle” you tune into Impact. Unfortually, now it is a division going no where. It is all full of repackage. I know how great Gail Kim is, but for gods sake…..how many times does she need to hold the gold for absolutely no reason. First came back in 2011, took the belt off Sky after craving for that championship for so long. Dropping it after a month? She recently won it again for what purpose? Same goes for all these Beautiful people repackaging? Velvet was arguably the most popular and most over babyface knockout they had. They rehire/resign Love to a contract put them back together and make Sky 2nd fiddle again after all those years of finally making it. Loses to Gail why? Don’t get me wrong, I loved Beautiful people as those segments on Impact when they were in their prime doing it back in 07/08 arguably best segments on the show. Making Sky back to 2nd fiddle was a mistake. However enjoyed recent segment where Sky was on the cover of the calender. 


X-Division: The division will never get back to the heights of Joe/Daniels/AJ era. However, Aries did bring the prestige back in 2011. Cashing in the X-Division title and winning the world title from Roode at Destination X was so awesome. He made it yearly guarantee that the X-Division guys would get their oppurtunity. You thought, great move TNA to help the youth become main eventers. Unfortunately, every damn year Aries is the man ending up with the gold in the month of July. Yea, Sabin won and had the best moment in the whole year on Impact in my eyes. However, booked as a terrible champion. It was a flop. You give the title to some Japanese wrestler no one knows to get behind who has no skills to connect with the crowd. It is just 1 thing after the other. Bringing back all the old x-division stars to mix with new stars which they have been doing for years. X-Division never goes anywhere? I love seeing old stars, but when are the new guys gonna actually give a damn about winning that title? Give a crap about holding it. It is all, this guy won a match last week so they are battling this week for the belt. I want a champion who will actually cash it in without just deciding, well this is the month of july, now I care if I hold that strap. That is where the X-Division is right now.

Tag titles: The only part that I like about is the fact Hardys, Dudleys, and Wolves battling in the series for the titles. Hopefully they put over the Wolves in the end. 

World title: The way they booked Magnus to be the man of the company was very bad. I mean it is one thing to be a heel to pick up cheap wins. When you need half the roster to help you beat Sting, AJ and so forth….ugh!! Letting AJ go was the worst thing that has happened in the past year as far as departures go. Decision to have EY win was a bad 1. He deserved it is all I heard, but he was nothing more then a part timer just like The Rock. How many segments did we see with ODB on the phone talking to him about his show on Animal Planet. He wasn’t even over. He was over back in 06 at his peak with the fans when don’t fire Eric really helped him interact with the crowd as he acted goofy in the process on his way to the ring. Lashley is a legit world champ, but really no competition as far as who should be the next guy. Joe’s contract is coming up and I doubt they push him to the top, but that is what I’d book as the BFG Main Event. 

In closing, I just lack faith in the characters and the booking TNA has. Full of repackage or characters I do not believe it. Who am I talking about? Sam Shaw, Mr.Anderson, Gunner, and so forth. Hopefully the tide switches because TNA is very hard to watch. In the past, you had a couple things that were good, but now it is like all bad. I’m not a TNA hater, but would like to give you my opinion on the product. Maybe you feel the same or maybe not. Leave that and more in the comment section below!

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