Why Vince Doesn’t Care About Punk or AJ


What was AJ and CM Punk to vince Mcmahon but a flavor of the month? Absolutely nothing. Historically, look who has made the most money for Vince Mcmahon. Hulk Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock and to a lesser degree, John Cena. WWE is trying to erase Hulk Hogan, who is arguably the biggest star in wrestling history. One thing wrestling fans have to understand is that Vince has never cared for women’s wrestling. After Alundra Blayze won the belt in 1993 it was vacated for three years. In 2010, the women’s belt was retired and was replaced with the child’s toy, Diva’s championship.

Outside of wrestling, when is the phrase diva thought of highly? It’s not. A diva is thought of as someone difficult to deal with or a drama queen. What did AJ do when she was there? At first, when she first arrived, she jobbed everybody. That’s good, she was green, green people should start out as jobbers and eventually work their way up to mid carders or eventually, with luck, main event status.


She became the longest reigning diva’s champ until Nikki Bella came around. Nikki Bella by some fans, is thought of as just a model. The girl can squat twice her body weight, which would put the squat weight to three hundred pounds. Some men can’t even squat that. She is an athlete and is bigger framed, not fat, but has a bigger and more powerful frame than quite a few girls in WWE, exceptions being Tamina and probably Natalya.

Blind hatred for Cena have given some fans an illusion that he was the reason she held her belt for so long but then they also believed it was because WWE wanted to erase AJ Lee from the history books. A J is the girl that Vince had pretend to be crazy, unconvincingly and had her smooching different dudes on the roster. Wow, great athlete, huh? And what was Punk’s legacy? Remember in 08 when Punk had long hair and was kinda cool and had a couple of sweet finishers? What was he towards the end? A boring guy on the mic whose greatest legacy was whining his way to a main event spot?

in a company that makes Natalya sit on the sidelines and Tamina, a powerhouse, a legacy in wrestling, just like Natalya, do the same thing, and in Tamina’s case, it’s worse because she has to sit on the sidelines to be the modern day Diesel to a woman that can’t wrestle, can’t work, can’t cut a promo, and Tamina is relegated to bodyguard services?

He is crapping all over Sting, the face of WCW, it’s grand champion all through the nineties, and the biggest name in wrestling outside of the WWF big guns like Austin, Rock, Hogan, to his son in law and a weasel like Seth Rollins. You think Vince cares about a couple nobodies like Punk and A J Lee?

Give me a Break!

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