Will Matt Hardy Accept This Challenge?


Matt Hardy is well known within the Social community for being outspoken for most of his career. With that being said, I have started a kickstarter campaign to have a sit down, one on one, no holds barred interview with the man himself Matt Hardy to discuss his past, whats going on now in his life, and his future in wrestling. I intend on taking many questions from twitter and other social platforms to take and ask him for his fans who want the answers. I myself want to know what keeps him motivated and inspired to keep within the wrestling industry. Where his future lies, and what differs him from other wrestlers on how he carrys himself and promotes himself within the social community as a superstar and personality. Is he always in character, or does he show us the Real Matt Hardy at all times. These are just a few examples many people are itching to know, and soon will know if he accepts the challenge of the interview. You can visit the kickstarter page at the link below:

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