Worst PPV Names WWE Should NOT Bring Back Like NXT Great American Bash


In Your House Subtitles

Every In Your House from back in the day has a subtitle, even if you aren’t aware of it. That’s because the first six shows originally didn’t have anything but a number.

In Your House 6, for instance, was later dubbed Rage in the Cage—which is one of the better titles that I’d like to see them bring back for a special Raw, SmackDown or something like that where a cage match is featured.

But out of 27 names, they weren’t all winners. A good number of them just wouldn’t fit beyond those specific events.

There’s also Ground Zero. That is a term that was perfectly fine before 9/11, but has too negative a connotation surrounding it now. If there was a PPV called WWE Ground Zero, it would immediately draw criticism.

In Your House: D-Generation X = If DX is done wrestling, it’s not happening again, obviously.

Revenge of the ‘Taker (with the apostrophe, mind you) is another like that. So is It’s Time, which was supposed to revolve around Vader.

But even the ones that would apply beyond specific people can sometimes be bad.

Triple Header is just bland. Unless the show has only three matches, you can’t call it Triple Header without making the rest of the card seem pointless. It’s just too generic a term, too. It’d be like having a WWE show called Main Event. Oh, wait, they do have that show, and it’s the lowest-viewed in-ring programming that WWE doesn’t even acknowledge exists on their own website and most of it is just recap footage or jobber matches. Proof in the pudding.

Would you ever really want to see an event just called WWE The Lumberjacks? I doubt it.

Great White North isn’t isn’t too bad, but it’s nothing WWE can capitalize on. It might work for a TakeOver subtitle, as those are locations. But think about whether or not you’d be interested in WWE Big Apple or WWE Windy City. It’s got a similar vibe to that, which just isn’t attention-grabbing or unique.

What PPV names do you hate? Which titles would you like to see WWE bring back or hope never return in any fashion? Keep the discussion going in the comments below!

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