Wrestle Mayhem 25 Update


WWA Superstars has been receiving such a positive response regarding Wrestle Mayhem. This event is such a big deal for the company, and it is amazing to see the fans getting excited about the event, and also the superstars that are willing to be apart of the event. Also, we would like to thank those that read the article weekly, and have also shared them. The traffic that we’ve gotten to our facebook page and also the website itself. We are still a little over 2 months away from the event and we have a ton of things in store for everyone. One of the things that we will soon be unveiling is a contest for the children of the community to win tickets to the event through their academics. If the wrestling community has any suggestions for contests that we should hold for the show, feel free to submit your suggestions. The event lineup is just about completed, and tomorrow is the deadline if you still would like to be apart of the first wrestling extravaganza of the new year.

Wrestle Mayhem 25 Update

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