Wrestlemania 32 Early Predictions/Fantasy Booking!


It may be very early, but the road to Wrestlemania is fast approaching and WWE’s injury list is piling up. With that in mind, many predicted matches will have to be rethought and rebooked. What better time to think up some fantasy booking?

20 man Andre the Giant battle royal

I won’t list all the participants, but it seems likely that WWE will continue the tradition of including a battle royal to commemorate the legacy of Andre the Giant. Past winners include Cesaro and Big Show, and it’s difficult to predict a winner this year. Look out for seasoned veterans such as Kane and Mark Henry, or up and comers like Titus O Neil to snatch this one.

Tag Titles – New Day vs Lucha Dragons vs The Uso’s

Another tough decision, and interestingly enough leaving out the Dudley’s. These three teams had a truly incredible match at the TLC pay per view, and unless WWE bring back the Hardy Boys in time for WM32, it would be in their best interest to repeat this match. Adding another stipulation like TLC once again, or ladder, or any hardcore high-risk environment would let these teams excel and put on a brilliant match once again. Look for either the Uso’s or the Dragons knocking the New Day off of their throne.

3 vs 3 Elimination Tag Team match – The Wyatt Family vs The League of Nations

One person/stable that needs a big time win is Bray Wyatt and his family. He is constantly jobbing out and his creepy reputation is slowly being tarnished. I have left out Braun Strowman for this one as I believe he will feature in another match further down the card, as well as Wade Barrett, who I hope is dropped by the League, since he is currently worthless and needs repackaging. A big win for the Wyatts here is needed, with Bray being the sole survivor. This could then lead to the League breaking up and starting a feud between the three.

Undertaker vs Braun Strowman

If this is to be The Undertaker’s last Wrestlemania, he needs the win. Strowman so far has been booked to be unstoppable, however he needs to lose, to someone credible. This match would be short, sweet, and not very pretty, although the nostalgia behind Taker winning and his celebration which could include Kane or Sting helping defend a Wyatt Family beatdown could set up his final farewell.

Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens vs Neville

A strange inclusion would be this triple threat match between three of the best athletes in the business. All three have nothing to do right now, and a match at Mania could well steal the show. Owens would be the clear winner here, setting up a singles program between a heel Ziggler and Neville, whilst Owens could move onto bigger things…

IC Title – Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho

At the Night Of Champions pay per view, Chris Jericho returned to aid Ambrose and Reigns against the Wyatts. They lost, and Jericho was beaten bad by Strowman. Jericho then stormed off, shoving Ambrose in the process. Instantly a sensed a feud, however it never happened. Now that Y2J has returned, a feud seems likely for Mania. Ambrose is in a scuffle with Owens right now, however at the Rumble I believe Jericho will perform well and eventually move on to wanting another IC Title reign. Ambrose however, will go over Jericho, and once again Jericho will put over a rising star.

Divas Title – Charlotte vs Sasha Banks

I don’t often follow the Divas storylines as much as the others, however I watch NXT, and Sasha Banks seems to be the future of the women’s division, despite being held back since being promoted to the main roster. The WWE fans love Sasha Banks, and Charlotte has been lackluster since winning the title, feeding off of Ric Flair’s nostalgia. A win for Sasha would be a feel good moment, and a typical good beats bad match.

The Rock vs Triple H

The Rock has announced that he will be at WM32 in one way or another. I believe he will wrestle Triple H. The Game is currently in a feud with Roman Reigns, and it’s seeming likely that he will play a part at the Royal Rumble. If HHH attempts to eliminate Reigns, who better to make the save than Reign’s cousin, The Rock? It sets up the nostalgic match at Mania between two legends and future Hall of Famers as well as keeping Reigns relevant in the main event scene. A win for Rock keeps the crowd happy, however I wouldn’t be shocked to see HHH give himself the win in this situation.

WWE World Heavyweight Title – Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar

I think that Brock Lesnar will win the Royal Rumble, making him the champion going into Mania. After dominating somebody at Fast Lane (probably Big Show), Lesnar will defend the title against Reigns at Mania. The rematch will end clean with Reigns winning, no cash in, no return, Reigns winning clean. I hate this idea, although we all know it will happen. WWE seem intent with shoving Reigns down our throat therefore they will give him a huge win over Lesnar. Maybe even a Heyman turn aligning himself with Reigns? Who knows what will happen!

Thanks for reading, and don’t take this article to heart, they are just some ideas and opinions.


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