WrestleMania 35: Biggest Winners and Losers


We are just a few days removed from WrestleMania 35 and the more I think about the show, the happier I am. Kofi Kingston is the WWE Champion, Seth Rollins defeated Brock Lesnar, and Becky Lynch is a double champion; a record seven titles changed hands on Sunday making the show unpredictable and interesting. With that being said, not everybody on the card benefitted as much as others while some lost more than most. Here are the superstars who felt the most positive and negative impacts after this Sunday.

Winner- Kofi Kingston


Kofimania is real and it was one of the most inspiring victories in recent WWE history. Kofi Kingston defied the odds and became WWE’s newest grand slam champion and WWE’s first ever African American champion. Not only did Kofi defeat the white hot Daniel Bryan, but he proved that scratching and clawing and working hard for your dreams can end in success.

Losers- The Revival

After months of working hard to restore legitimacy to the RAW Tag Team division, The Revival lost to Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder, a team that consists of more than 300 straight combined losses. Not only did Ryder and Hawkins do nothing to deserve this title shot, but the fact that The Revival were made to look like fools after showing how real they are is bad booking and will hurt them in the near future and in the long run. The Revival losing left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Winner- Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins became the Kingslayer at WrestleMania a few years ago and this year, he became the Beastslayer as well. Rollins squared off against Brock Lesnar and fought back from a pre match assault by Lesnar, finishing him with a trifecta of Stomps to win the title. This wasn’t your average WWE title win because Rollins is the first full time Universal Champion in ages and now has the opportunity to carry RAW on his back with the title on TV every week.

Winner- The IIconics

Just one year after their main roster debut, The IIconics captured the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles at WrestleMania. After Beth Phoenix hit Bayley with an avalanche Glam Slam, Billie Kay capitalized on the moment and pinned the injured Bayley to steal the win. The IIconics have worked so hard and their strong character work and connection with the crowd earned them the prestigious title here. This is a massive win for the IIconics and a huge part of the Women’s division lies in their hands.

Loser- Drew McIntyre 

One of the best booked and well protected superstars in the WWE today came up empty handed against Roman Reigns this past Sunday. After how strong and monstrous WWE made Mcintyre seem, him losing might hurt his credibility. As long as WWE continues to book him strong, he shouldn’t suffer too much from this loss, but nonetheless, a singles loss at WrestleMania is big.

Winner- Becky Lynch

The most obvious of all winners: Becky Lynch, The Man, Straight Fire, and now the RAW and SDL Women’s Champion. Lynch competed in the first ever Women’s main event last Sunday and won, solidifying her spot on top of the WWE mountain. This match was the culmination of all of Becky’s hard work and a finale to the fantastic storyline that WWE set out for the fans.

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