Xavier Woods WWE WrestleMania 36

WrestleMania 36: 5 Ways To Make It Awesome


Let me start in the most important way: I hope you and yours are happy and healthy. Wash your hands. Make good choices. Love one another. We’re going through some crazy times, and for many that’s just piling on with whatever they already had going on. Be smart, and be good. And WrestleMania!

As we all know, not only is WWE WrestleMania happening, it’s going to be a two-night affair, and Rob Gronkowski will be the host. Outside of salvaging what’s left of Mojo Rawley’s career, Gronk will add an air of uniqueness on top of this already really really unique event.

Rob Gronkowski@RobGronkowski

It’s official! I’m hosting @WrestleMania this year…and it’s gonna be too big for just one night. For the 1st time, #WrestleMania will be a 🚨2-NIGHT🚨event: Saturday, April 4 AND Sunday, April 5 on @WWENetwork! Tell you more this Friday night on #SmackDown at 8 ET on @FOXTV.

So with two nights to enjoy, and Rob Gronkowski hosting, it’s time to make this weekend of events one to truly remember. How do we do that? Well, I have a few ideas…

Xavier Woods WrestleMania 36

#1 – Put Xavier Woods In The Crowd or On Commentary

Seriously, Xavier Woods is one of the most entertaining members of the entire WWE—hell, possibly in the entire world! Put him in the crowd, maybe have him be an additional commentator, maybe let him watch the show Mystery Science Theater 3000 style!

Mystery Science Theater 3000 WrestleMania 36

In fact, sign me up for The New Day doing that as a whole. Yes, we love to see them wrestle, but this is a unique time for the business, and Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E (not Langston) provide alternate commentary (or THE commentary) would make this the most memorable WrestleMania ever.

Side note: Who knew TNA’s Consequences Creed would go on to be so damn entertaining? Man, keep that stuff coming brother!

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