Wrestlemania Rant – The ramblings of a frustrated Super Fan


So another Wrestlemania has been and gone and yet again I was left wondering at what could have been; how different things could of turned out, the what-ifs quickly turned into why-nots and i soon realised that once again the WWE had let me down and as a highly loyal fan i’d been duped into believing that this Wrestlemania was going to be Spectacular in every sense of the word…

As a huge wrestling fan (not a mark as I don’t agree with fans calling themselves marks) since the late 80’s I’ve been on a wonderful journey with the WWE, and like everyone else have experienced a wild roller coaster of a ride from 80”s superhero’s to 90s gimmicks, to the new generation, to attitude era and beyond. I’m not a writer, i’ve never wrote a blog post in my life but on the train into work yesterday morning i felt i had a lot to get off my chest.

I’m not going to talk about the current product as that alone requires an entire blog post by itself but let’s just say I’m not a fan of the PG era and very rarely watch WWE television today, however I do subscribe to the network, read every wrestling related blog, listen to every podcast and always come back to watch every PPV.

A couple of months back I found myself waking up on a Tuesday morning following RAW, upon checking my phone to read the latest ewrestlingnews, I found out the prodigal Son had returned to claim back what was rightfully his and man did he come out with an explosive bang, possibly one of the loudest pops i’ve heard in a long time…not only was Shane McMahon back on WWE TV, he was back to take over Monday Nigh Raw, or so we thought…

The promos back and forth leading into Wrestlemania were great and came across almost like a real shoot with Shane kind of being the voice of the people and sharing his frustrations with the current product and direction the company was gong in…although I did sense early on that Shane was only back for one night only, as if the WWE powers that be suddenly went into panic mode (squeaky bum time as we like to say in the UK), when the realisation kicked in that half there talent roster (ok slight exaggeration, but most of there main roster) was not going to be back in time for Mania…which meant they needed to pull out something special as before the return of Shane O’Mac the WM32 card was looking pretty shoddy at best, very lacklustre

With the return of Shane O’Mac, and pitting him against the Phenom, WM32 suddenly caught my eye and I was hooked in to the storyline..what appealed to me the most was the thought that maybe WWE Execs had finally realised things weren’t going too well with the PG era, unfortunately more and more Superstars were getting serious injuries, ok some of which were pure accidents but maybe some are due to taking risky bumps to try and make a name for themselves or “grabbing the brass ring” regardless Shane was speaking from the heart or so it felt and it made me feel like maybe the good time were returning.

WWE did a very good job (and I really mean that) of selling me a PPV on the basis that this Wrestlemania would be full of twists, “TURNS!!!”, surprises and unforgettable moments? I’m sure I wasn’t the only one that got suckered in to buying this especially if you are around a similar age to me (33), but we all bought into it. Why? Because we love the WWE and have done since we were knee high to a grass hopper (RIP Roddy Piper – WM8 promo), for fans like me it really isn’t a hard sell, i’d watch Wrestlemania no matter what the card was but bringing Shane back and playing this angle got me intrigued.

So the final card for WM32 on paper actually looked ok, we were also teased with the return of THE ROCK in some shape or form and no doubt we would see a few Legends pop up throughout the show.

The morning before the big event, after staying up until 4am (UK time) watching the HOF, i finally after weeks of processing endless outcomes, gave my predictions on how WM32 would go down. To be fair there was only ever 2 matches that interested me on this card;

Shane McMahon vs The Undertaker

I assumed Undertaker would go over, as much as I wanted Shane to win to take over the reins of Raw, I knew this wouldn’t be Undertakers last WM as 1) he couldn’t go out losing to a guy that isn’t a wrestler, less face it Shane is good but he’s not a “professional wrestler” and never has been (although to be fair he could give most of the roster a run for their money), yes he’s a great athlete and takes ridiculous bumps but after the 22 Superstars that fell before him, it would be a huge insult to those guys if Shane went over…and 2) i really felt Shane was only here for a flying visit as behind the scenes we all knew he was only back to save the buy-rate for Mania as an on-screen character and does not actually have an active executive role within the company.

However….and i thought this whilst i was watching the match, where was Vince during this match, wouldn’t it of been a good idea to bring him out half way through? Perhaps just before Shane took that huge bump?

Then with Vince screaming at Taker to get up and finish him whilst he was laying there staring at Shane wide eyed, mouth open, wouldn’t it of been cool if Taker dragged Shane back into the ring, grabbed the mic, took his gloves off and said you know what Shane if it means that much to you to take over Raw, it’s yours…and with that he flips the bird to Vince lays down on the mat pulls Shane’s hand across his chest and let him pin him, 1, 2, 3.

The emotion this ending would of brought to fans around the world would of been epic.

Taker could of then stood up and officially retired from in-ring duties and following his very emotional and sad goodbye speech where for once he broke character and kayfabed, he could of thanked everyone and the two men could vow to lead the WWE into a new era.

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