Wrestler’s Court Is Now In Session! – Hearing #1


**Edited on October 1st 2018**

This is a continuation from “Introducing Wrestler’s Court“, so I highly recommend you read it before you continue. Today I will be bringing you four stories from the infamous Wrestler’s Court, and these instances occurred mainly in the late 90’s to early 2000s.

Mick Foley & Al Snow Leave Bob Holly Hanging

As many will know, Mick Foley and Al Snow have been friends for a long time. They have a similar sense of humour, so it makes sense they carpooled together when Snow returned from (finding his gimmick) in ECW in 1998. Hardcore Bob Holly started working alongside Snow in the J.O.B squad in November 1998. In the passage of text I found about this story, theycouldn’t understand why the serious Bob Holly would be asked to go with Foley and Snow to a carnival, but it seems obvious.

The story was confirmed in Foley’s book “Have a Nice Day: A Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks”. One day after a Sunday night house show in Austin, Texas, Foley and Snow asked Bob if he would join them in going to a carnival. Bob was initially reluctant, but after loads of poking and telling him to drop his rental car off, he agreed to meet them there.

The plan was for Bob to drop his rental car off at the airport, they would pick him up and take him to the carnival, then they would carpool together in Foley’s car to get to Monday Night Raw in Houston. Bob drove to the airport, ropped the car off, and waited over an hour in the freezing cold before re-renting the car again.

Foley insisted it was a misunderstanding as he thought they were going to the carnival first. Bob said it didn’t make sense as he would have had to keep the rental car longer. They couldn’t agree, and then Road Warrior Hawk heard of the incident and blamed Foley. Word got around to The Undertaker and Wrestler’s Court was to go ahead. Foley didn’t want to admit he was wrong, but Al Snow had just returned from ECW and didn’t want heat with the guys.

Snow convinced Foley to settle out of court by paying Bob’s travel expenses. A very reluctant Foley paid for Bob’s rental car, and two days of traveling expenses; which included food, hotel, gas and rental costs. Bob Holly would later state it was funny how the tight (Foley is famously tight with his money) Mick Foley had to pay him £500+ over a carnival so they didn’t get taken to court. Foley stated in his book:

“As a matter of fact, Al Snow and I almost had to go to wrestler’s court to face formal charges of stranding Bob Holly at the airport in order to go to a carnival. We were guilty as hell,but we settle out of court to the tune of two nights’ free lodging, meals,and rental car, and the reimbursement of $80 that the cranky, curmudgeonly “I don’t want to go to a carnival” Bob had to pay for his own car.”

The Hardy Boyz Steal Kane’s Seat And Pay The Price

On a pre-taped episode of Monday Night Raw on June 29th 1999, The Hardy Boyz won their first WWF World Tag Team Championships by defeating The Acolytes. It was in their home state of North Carolina, so they were in the party mood. The fans cheered them considerably, which made Michael Hayes (their manager at the time) extremely happy.

As Michael Hayes was from an era where partying to excess was the norm, and naturally, Hayes was loaded on the plane to New York. Feeling a sense of entitlement, Hayes wanted to find his tag team champions some first class seats. He found three seats, and ordered Matt and Jeff to sit. Glenn Jacobs (aka Kane) had been waiting for D’Lo Brown at the gate as he had his ticket. Kane boarded the plane to find Jeff sat in his seat. Jeff realized his mistake and was going to give up the seat, but Kane being the nice guy he is, waived him off and sat back in coach.

While Kane was fine with it, the roster found out about the incident, and soon enough, Bradshaw informed The Hardy Boyz they were scheduled for Wrestler’s Court the following week. They found it disrespectful because they knew Kane was 7 foot tall and had problems getting comfortable on planes, so they felt The Hardy Boyz should have given them their own First Class seats (although they didn’t have any to begin with) to the big guy.

Apparently The Undertaker knew it was Hayes’ fault (his reputation preceded him), but they wanted to make an example out of The Hardy Boyz. Their punishment has never been completely confirmed, but it’s said they were made to rib Don “The Jackyl” Callis (who everyone hated) by jamming the doors on his rental car with toothpicks, and other undisclosed juvenile acts. Apparently Michael Hayes wasn’t allowed near first class for a long time as well.

Edge & Christian Cough Up Presents For Unintentional Brown Nosing

In 2000, the writer in charge of E & C’s angles and feuds was Brian Gerwitz. He was known to have a hobby of collecting sci-fi action figurines. Edge & Christian would buy him figurines every now and then, and whether it was because they liked the guy, or they wanted to “brown nose” to get a better spot on the card is up for debate. Wrestlers in the mid-card didn’t make tons of money after all the expenses so it’s hard to believe they didn’t have an ulterior motive.

Word got around, and they were called in to Wrestler’s Court. It wasn’t just a breach of basic etiquette, they were breaking a rule in their contracts which stated wrestlers were not to buy gifts for the office staff. The Undertaker found them guilty, and after some harsh words (which had E & C terrified), their punishment was to buy the veterans booze, himself some Jack Daniels, cases of beer for the APA, and protein powder for Bob Holly (he didn’t drink). The brown nosing was soon forgotten after they followed through with the courts demands.

Teddy Long Found Guilty Of Being Extremely Tight

Sometime in 2002, Teddy Long traveled on the road with the APA as they worked on the Smackdown brand together. The APA demanded Teddy should go to the court for being a “cheap motherf**ker”, Foley was known for his cheapness, but Teddy took it to another level. Apparently traveling with Teddy was a nightmare as he would weasel his way out of paying his side of the bill, and on occasion, pretend to be asleep as they drove up to a toll booth to get out of paying as well.

As the brand split saw The Undertaker working on Raw at the time, Triple H was appointed judge. Triple H gave some harsh words and was homing in on the punishment when Teddy produced a character witness. The details are sketchy, but Teddy Long has said that Mae Young was his lawyer for the proceedings, and she was there to defend him against the allegations of selling viagra to some of the wrestlers.

Apparently Mae Young had no idea what he was there for, and gave Triple H a mouthful as she couldn’t understand why wrestlers in their primes needed any “help”. Sounds hilarious, but the details are not concrete so take it with a pinch of salt. Either way, in the end, Teddy Long was found guilty and sentenced to paying for the APA’s chicken and beer for a month. As you can imagine, that’s a LOT of chicken and beer.

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