Wrestling Can Not Wait on Vince


Those of you that have known me for years or follow me on the Twitter; know that I’m not one of these people that focuses my entire life around professional wrestling.While I’ve been a fan for thirty glorious years and have been writing online about our so-called sport for just about half of that time; there are other things that garner my interest this time of year besides WrestleMania.


I was looking forward to seeing my beloved Louisville Cardinals take on the Syracuse Orange in the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament Quarterfinals the evening I’m writing this. Had they won that game, they would have played in the Semifinals on Friday night, and hopefully the Finals on Saturday night. Of course, the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament was to start next week, and that would have demanded my attention for the next few weeks.

I’ve done some writing about hockey in the past. My Nashville Predators have had a rough season, but currently sit in the Western Conference’s second wild card slot. With thirteen games left in their season and four teams within six points of them, it was anybody’s guess how things were going to turn out. It could also be pointed out that the Predators were in line to be the eight seed. The last time they were the eight seed they made it to the Stanley Cup Final.

As important as the Cards & Preds are to me, baseball was my first love. It also happens to be one of my means for income. I spend a lot of my days from April until October at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. The past few years haven’t been the highlight of Cincinnati Reds baseball history, but ownership spent a ton of money, there’s some good young talent and the fans are optimistic. Plus, Opening Day is always the best day of the year in Cincinnati, bar none.

Of course, that’s not all. I enjoy watching FC Cincinnati games even if the 2019 edition of the club may have been the worst in the history of Major League Soccer. I support Tottenham Hotspur for reasons unknown to me. Watching people turn left on the racetrack also has a level of fun to it. Heck, I’ll watch major golf tournaments with my dear old dad. Basically, if it’s a sport and you put it on TV, I’ll watch it.

Except for spring football. Sorry, Vince. Even I have my limits.

Unfortunately, life gets in the way sometimes. We’ve seen instances where sports had to go away for a little while so actual business could be taken care of. It sucks for those of us whose livelihood is predicated on providing enjoyment to other people. Of course, it sucks for all of us who live and die with a particular sports team that give us reason to get through our otherwise excitement-lacking lives. But at the end of the day, we realize that sports are the funny pages of life. While some of us do rely on sports for more than that, and it’s hard on us when they go away, we realize that as the old saying goes: it is what it is.

I’m not happy that Opening Day is delayed for two weeks and I have no idea how that impacts the number of dates I’ll be working. As a Louisville alum that’s already seen seasons erased by the NCAA, seeing another one limp to an end with no conclusion is an annoyance. I’m hoping that the NHL just ends up canceling the rest of the regular season & skips ahead to the postseason so the Predators can sneak on in. Nothing about any of this is ideal. But it is what it is. I can’t get mad at the people making these decisions to cancel/postpone these games that in the big picture aren’t more than entertainment for most.

I’m not a doctor.

A lot of people out there want to tell you about this coronavirus. They know how bad it is, they know how long it takes to recover, they’ll tell you about the death rate, and they’ll tell you how everybody is over-reacting. How they know all these things, I’m not sure, because it seems pretty evident to me that nobody knows. The experts are in the process of figuring it out because they’ve never seen it before. Governments are in the dark, and the fact that we have failed at picking competent leaders seems to be on full display.

(Mind you, it’s something new, and it’s impossible to say with 100% certainty that other people could do better. We can say it’s exposed some folks as being in way over their head, which some people should have realized back in 2016 but didn’t. That is what it is.)

I won’t pretend to understand the coronavirus. I am not a doctor. Who knows how serious it is, whether it’s being overblown by that dreaded media, or when it will go away. Hell, I don’t even know if I have it. I don’t have a fever, but most people living in the Ohio Valley always have a cough & shortness of breath because of the crappy atmosphere. Global warming is a whole issue for another time.

There’s a bottom line I keep coming to when people talk about these upcoming events and the cancellations. I won’t get mad at people being too cautious. Maybe it ends up being overblown. If people aren’t sick here in a few weeks and we can carry on with business as usual, that’s the best-case scenario. We probably helped things by holding fewer events with individuals breathing all over each other & interacting with unknown numbers of people. Hopefully the short-term losses will be cancelled out by the long-term gains. This is one of those times where you absolutely have to play the long game.

What game is pro wrestling playing?

Once cancellations came in from the NBA, NHL, MLB, NCAA and other sporting entities, people who read this website surely started wondering when pro wrestling promotions would chime in. Yes, we know it’s “sports entertainment” and not “sports”, but it’s also events with thousands of people while there’s a global pandemic. It’s absolutely fair for people to wonder whether the events they planned on going to will take place. As somebody who was planning on working similar events, I feel for the people planning on attending them. I know people plan their whole lives around getting time off from their jobs where they can attend baseball games, or wrestling shows, or whatever.

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