Wrestling Fan’s Predictions- Money in the Bank 2014


Hi everyone, it’s that time again where I state my predictions for Sunday’s Money in the Bank PPV. I personally find this PPV very exciting as we get to see who WWE will put their faith in to be their next world champion. 8 men will fight for the chance to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion in an 8-man ladder man, and there will also be the traditional Money in the Bank ladder match for a future World Championship match. Only 2 men in history have unsuccessfully cashed in the briefcase, and tomorrow night 15 men will fight in two ladder matches to claim the ultimate prizes.

Apart from the two ladder matches and the tag team title match, the rest of the matches on the card are really just being used as filler matches, and don’t serve much importance. However, let’s take a look at all the matches and my predictions for each match…

PRE-SHOW: Daniel Bryan Appearance-

So instead of the usual match we get for the pre-show, we will get an appearance from the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan. I for one don’t mind this as the matches on the pre-show are usually pointless anyway. It’ll be interesting to hear from Bryan and see if he announces anything about his return to the ring. 

Money in the Bank Ladder match- Bad News Barrett vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Seth Rollins vs. Jack Swagger vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Dean Ambrose-

I am so glad that they’re having the traditional MITB ladder match, and this ladder match should prove to be a fast-paced, and hard hitting match. All of the competitors in this match are worthy of being in this match, apart from Kofi and Swagger, who have been used sparingly over the past few months. So out of the remaining five competitors, let’s take a look individually who has a chance at winning:

Seth Rollins- Rollins has been on quite the roll lately and I think he is holding his own in the singles matches he is having. However, I don’t expect him to win this match as he’ll continue to feud with Ambrose heading into Battleground. 

Dean Ambrose- once again, Ambrose will not win this match and will continue to feud with Rollins heading into Battleground. Moreover, I have been impressed with Ambrose too and the style he is creating within the ring and his character, and I enjoyed the threat he made on RAW about gatecrashing the PPV whether he was involved or not. 

Rob Van Dam- Van Dam is just being used as how Jericho was being used last year, where he loses every important match that he is placed in, so I don’t expect that to change at MITB. I’m still impressed with how RVD can go in the ring, and hopefully he’ll provide some extreme moments in this match, but other than that, he will not win this Sunday.

Dolph Ziggler- this is the man who I think could be the dark horse to win this match. Ziggler has been getting more TV time lately and his match with Bad News Barrett on RAW this past week was very good to say the least. I do think that Ziggler has the second best chance to win this match, and with the crowd behind him, expect some very heavy Ziggler chants throughout this match… however, he’ll still come up short to this man…

Bad News Barrett- I’m afraid I’ve got some Bad News… for everyone else in this match! Barrett has been on a roll since the night after WrestleMania, and even Triple H has seemed to take a shining to Barrett and his English accent. Over the years I’ve said Barrett will win the MITB matches he’s been in, but he never has. This year, I truly believe it’s his year to win the briefcase and finally become the first ever British World Heavyweight Champion in WWE. Expect him to cost Ziggler this match up to claim the briefcase for himself.


Big E vs. Rusev- 

A rematch from Payback, and just like that match, don’t expect this match to be any better. Big E has been slowing down since he lost the title and Rusev’s character won’t last, just like Kozlov didn’t either. Rusev will pick up the win once again with the Accolade. 


Divas Championship- Paige (c) vs. Naomi-

This match should be a good encounter between the two, as both are great performers when it comes to competing in a WWE ring. I’ve loved Paige ever since she debuted, and have always been a fan of Naomi’s work she does in the ring. Expect Cameron to interfere in this match and for Paige to capitalize to beat Naomi and retain her title.


Summer Rae vs. Layla- Fandango was the Special Guest Referee- 

Another divas match on the card, but atleast there’s a bit of story to this one. Both divas have had the upper hand in this feud, but it’s still unclear at times if Summer Rae is a face or not. However, I don’t expect this to be as good as the Paige and Naomi match and will just be used as filler. 


Goldust & Stardust vs. RybAxel-

Again, another match being used as filler for this show, and it’s just another way to prolong the eventual Cody Rhodes heel turn and splitting up from his brother. These teams have had matches before and haven’t been anything special, so I don’t think this one will be any different. 

WINNERS: Stardust & Goldust 

WWE Tag Team Championship- Usos (c) vs. Wyatt Family (Eric Rowan & Luke Harper)-

Well, this is a match I am actually looking forward to, and it’s a tag team match for the tag team titles! I don’t know the last time I was excited to see a tag team title match, but I’m ready for this one! This feud has been going on for the last couple of months, with both team members getting wins over each other in singles competition. It’s been good to see Harper and Rowan on their own, and the new entrance music they debuted on RAW was eerie to say the least. I’m hoping this match gets a decent amount of time given to it, as both teams deserve it. I expect this one to be a good match with both teams looking to make a statement as to why they are the best tag teams the WWE has. 

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