Wrestling Fan’s Predictions- WWE Battleground 2014


Hi there everyone and welcome to my the Wrestling Fan’s Predictions for tonight’s Battleground PPV! I for one am really looking forward to tonight’s PPV as I think the card that has been set up is quite good with some matches that have the potential to really deliver! We’ve had the return of Chris Jericho and A.J., who are in very important matches tonight, the heated battle between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose will finally take place tonight and the champ John Cena will defend his title in a dreaded Fatal 4 Way against 3 tough opponents, so lets take a look at my predictions for tonight’s WWE Battleground PPV!

PRE:SHOW- Cameron vs. Naomi- 

Cameron and Naomi are now on their own, and to be honest, I can only see bright things for the career of Naomi as she is an excellent performer in the Divas division. I recently watched a Naomi match and I was very impressed with the moves she can pull off, and tonight she will give it her all to prove she is better then her former friend Cameron. Cameron has yet to prove her in ring abilities, so if this match falls flat, she’ll be the one to blame.

My Prediction- Naomi wins 

Intercontinental Championship Battleground Battle Royal- 

With the sad news that Bad News Barrett had to vacate his Intercontinental title, we will get a new champion crowned in this 20-Man Battle Royal. I think this battle royal is a great way to get a ton of stars involved on this PPV and should be a very entertaining battle royal! Right now I’ll list the main participants in this match and what there shots are of winning this match:

Sheamus- already the U.S. champion, Sheamus looks to unify his U.S. Title with the Intercontinental title, but it won’t happen tonight, but I do see this unification match taking place somewhere down the line, maybe at Night of Champions in September.

Alberto Del Rio- a man who has been floating around ever since WrestleMania, has a shot tonight to win his first I.C. Title. Unfortunately for Del Rio, he won’t be getting the title tonight, and will remain lost in the shuffle amongst the WWE roster.

Rob Van Dam- another man who hasn’t done much since coming back after WrestleMania, and just like Del Rio, he won’t have a shot in hell in winning this match tonight.

The Miz- Miz is back and with a new gimmick, that he seems to be enjoying and is doing good in establishing his new character, whether people like it or not. However, Miz won’t win this match and will carry on his feud with Sheamus over the United States title.

Dolph Ziggler- Ziggler has been given more and more air time as of late, and he is one well of a performer when he gets going. I can see Dolph winning this match in what would be portrayed as an upset, but overall I don’t think he will be the man to get the job done. 

Cesaro- this is the man who should win the battle royal tonight. Over the past few weeks WWE has been giving superstars such as Kofi and Big E upset wins over Cesaro, but I think they’re only doing this to make Cesaro look like a darkhorse coming into this match. Moreover, I do predict that Cesaro will win the battle royal, and probably doing so by eliminating the Showoff Dolph Ziggler last.

My Prediction- Cesaro wins the Battle Royal and the Intercontinental Championship.

Jack Swagger w/Zeb Coulter vs. Rusev w/Lana-

Is it me or does anyone else really love the face turn of Jack Swagger and Zeb Coulter?! I think Swagger is playing the character well as an intimidating, unstoppable American who looks to dethrone the up and coming star in Rusev. Although the match quality won’t be superb, I have enjoyed the build to this match and all four people involved have made this an interesting match to see.

My Prediction- Rusev ultimately gets the win after a hard fought battle from Swagger.

Divas Championship- A.J. Lee (c) vs. Paige-

Well I certainly didn’t see this match coming anytime soon, but hey, we’ve got it, and it should be a great match. Both these Divas are the best on the roster right now and this feud is only just getting started, with rematches likely to take place at SummerSlam and even Night of Champions, with Paige eventually turning heel and winning back her title. However, for the time being, A.J. will retain her title tonight to further the program between these two Divas.

My Prediction- A.J. retains the title

Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins- 

This is the match that I’m most looking forward to tonight, and the build, emotion and storyline to this match to me has been done very well. Mr. Money in the Bank Seth Rollins looks to claim his stake as a top dog in the WWE, but at every turn he always encounters the lunatic in Dean Ambrose. I think Ambrose has done great in establishing his character and in my opinion is truly the most popular member coming out of the now defunct Shield. This match should kick off right away with brawling and outside fighting by both men, and this certainly won’t be the end to his exciting feud.

My Prediction- the match ends by a double count-out 

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho- 

Another man that I am looking forward to tonight, with two completely unique characters with Jericho being the rockstar and outspoken individual with Wyatt being the methodical and mysterious figure that looks to save the WWE Universe in his own twisted way. This feud has been building slowly and that’s a good thing, as I definitely think this feud will continue past Battleground and there are more avenues that these men can explore in their build to a great storyline. Jericho has built himself over the years to be a true star of the WWE, and I he has a true grasp on how the business should be, by putting over the younger stars to establish them as the future of the WWE. Thought I think partly that’s what Jericho will do tonight, I think Jericho needs this win in order to progress the storyline, as Wyatt has more to prove about his own crusade to save the WWE Universe, and therefore I actually believe losing the match will only make him stronger in his will and attack to dethrone Jericho and make his mark as the savior of the world.

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