Wrestling Fan’s Predictions- WWE Payback 2014


Hi there everyone, I’m back with the Wrestling Fan’s predictions for WWE Payback tonight! WWE has put together a card tonight that in my opinion is a good card, despite there only being about 6 matches. Matches such as The Usos vs. The Wyatts and Adam Rose vs. Jack Swagger could be left for the Money in the Bank PPV later this month as eight superstars will already be taken up in the Money in the Bank match, so there will be a need for more matches on that PPV. 

Tonight, we will witness two main event matches featuring the present and future of the WWE, with the Shield and Bray Wyatt looking to claim stake over the veterans of the WWE, John Cena and Evolution. Also, with the shocking news of Daniel Bryan being forced out of action, what will be the fate of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Will Daniel Bryan give up his title, or will he watch his own wife be fired on the spot? Let’s take a look at each match, the build up and my predictions for the event’s matches tonight.

Pre-Show- El Torito w/Los Matadores vs. Hornswoggle w/3MB- Mask vs. Hair Match 

This feud in my opinion is a complete waste of air time that other superstars could be taking. This feud has been designed by the WWE for the child audience and for comical purposes, and serves no purpose at all other than to use up more air time. These two had an okay WeeLC match at Extreme Rules but the build to the Payback PPV has been poor, and having 3MB lose to El Torito is poor booking and is not fair on the three members of 3MB. I hope this match doesn’t last long and that the feud finally ends here tonight.

My Prediction- El Torito wins and Hornswoggle is forced to have his head shaved.

United States Championship- Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro w/Paul Heyman-

Finallyyy, the United States title is being defend on a PPV and there is some actual meaning to this match. I for one was disgusted with the way the United States title was being treated by the WWE with Dean Ambrose as its champion, and I think the title certainly got devalued by not being constantly defended by a ‘singles superstar’. However, there only being one world title it allows strong talent to compete in matches for the title, and that is what we will see tonight. Cesaro has been on quite the roll with Paul Heyman at his side, and Sheamus still impresses me in the ring with his moves and the punishment that he can take in the ring. I expect this to be a hard-hitting match and very physical, but also a great wrestling match. Sheamus has just won the title and it makes no sense in giving Cesaro the title if he is to break away from Heyman and fight Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam, something that I would rather not see as I think Cesaro and Heyman as a unit is a great thing at the minute.

My Prediction- Sheamus retains the title.

Big E vs. Rusev w/Lana-

Rusev has been a dominant force every since he arrived in the WWE and has really grown on my as an in-ring performer and is starting to develop a character for himself, thanks mostly to the Ravishing Russian, Lana. Moreover, Big E’s momentum has died down ever since WrestleMania and has become a less of an important figure in the WWE. I don’t expect this one to last long and I think you can expect some ‘boring’ chants from the audience tonight.

My Prediction- Rusev picks up the victory.

Divas Championship- Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox-

Ever since Paige has came onto our screens, I find myself watching every divas match that she takes part in, one for how her character is portrayed and two because of the way she works in the ring. Alicia Fox hasn’t actually had a lot of momentum going into this one, other than prancing around ringside and stealing the commentators headwear! The problem here with Alicia is that after this match the WWE will probably ignore the character she has been developing and won’t use her as a serious competitor again. This will be just another opponent for Paige to beat until she gets into a program with Natalya (who I think will be turning heel soon) and the returning A.J. Lee.

My Prediction- Paige retains.

Intercontinental Championship- Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam-

I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news… for Rob…Van…Dam! Man, I am loving Barrett’s new gimmick and it’s clear that he feels comfortable in his new character but is still retaining some of the traits from his bare-knuckle Barrett Barrage character, which makes a nice mix between the two. I have always been a supporter of Barrett and now with this gimmick can especially go far in the WWE. As for RVD, I always love watching him in the ring and still love the dynamic moveset that he brings to all of his matches. Unfortunately for RVD, his major time in the WWE ended when he left in 2007, and he is now being subjected to losing every major match that he is in… remind you of anyone? None the less, the build for this has been quite simple with Barrett attacking RVD from behind and with RVD wanting revenge. I have been loving how WWE are making the I.C. Title more important by having Beat the clock challenges and tournament for the No.1 Contendership, and it makes the challenger for the title more worthy. I expect to this be an okay match but with nothing special really occurring.

My Prediction- Bad News Barrett retains the title with the Bull Hammer!

John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt- Last Man Standing match-

This feud has been going on ever since the Royal Rumble, and I for one am glad that it is ending tonight. Don’t get me wrong, I have liked parts of the build up to this match, like the little boy singing in that weird, recorded voice to scare John Cena at Extreme Rules, but over the past month the build up has gotten really stale and the same things are being repeated. The one thing that is going to really bother me about this match is in the involvement on Harper and Rowan on the outside, as I don’t expect Bray to come out on his own. I think this should be a one on one match with Cena and Wyatt just going at it, but obviously expect there to be interference from the Wyatt family and maybe even the Usos. This is a match that Bray Wyatt needs to win in order to continue on with his journey to the top in the WWE, and I don’t think that it would hurt Cena that much if he were to lose, as I could see both Cena and Wyatt being in the Money in the Bank ladder match later this month with Cena getting some revenge on Wyatt then. Ultimately, this one should be a good match but certainly won’t be one of the greatest last man standing matches of all time, but nonetheless a good fight. 

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