Wrestling Heroes


A lot of people give John Cena crap. It’s easy to do. A lot of adult fans are tired of the superhero. That’s cool, adults tend to be jaded, they tend to be more cynical. To the kids, he’s a hero. Children need heroes. In a society where heroes are dead, kid’s need someone to believe in, admire, show them good qualities, like hard work, perseverance and never giving up.

This offers a kind of throwback to 80’s Hulk Hogan. 1980’s Hulk Hogan can never be touched. The icon, the wrestling icon, what he meant to children as a hero, can never be duplicated. Now, Steve Austin offered an attitude in wrestling seriously lacking today, as did the Undertaker, Kane, The Rock, etc.

Today, the males have been castrated. Even Bray Wyatt, is an example of WWE being half pregnant. They have made a Charles Manson type character, but since WWE can’t technically create a serial killer type character, his promos make no sense, and he really says a whole bunch of nothing.

Wrestling needs its heroes. Both for the counter culture, and mainstream.

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