Wrestling In 2020: The Best Wrestler & Other Special Awards


Everyone is on the same page and respect what they have to do. This hasn’t always been the case, as in the past, the company has suffered with low morale due to bad booking and business decisions. Current management has turned it around and has made it a more friendly environment. At least, that’s how it appears from the outside.


In this section, I will hand out individual awards. Some of them might be similar, but rest assured I will try to differentiate them. I’ll be starting with WWE superstars, then AEW, and Impact at the end.

AJ Styles (Best Worker): I think when a legend like The Undertaker accepts you for his last match and compares you to Shawn Michaels, an award for being the best worker in the business today is just. Or should I say Most Phenomenal Worker?

Bray Wyatt / The Fiend (Most Creative): A lot of what he does has subtle references and I love it. Many will miss these, but if you dig hard enough, there’s so much he is saying without connecting the dots for you. It doesn’t always work, but The Fiend has become an established character because Bray Wyatt has done much of the work on the creative side.

Drew McIntyre (Most Improved): Ever since Drew was given the green light to go in to the Royal Rumble and be a threat to Brock Lesnar he has looked the part. And I don’t think many would’ve pictured that last year, and definitely not the year before that. McIntyre still has a way to go to establish himself as a main event superstar for the rest of his days, but 2020 has been an amazing first step for the first-ever British WWE Champion.

Keith Lee (Best NXT Graduate): Something has been off about his run on the main roster, but his time as the NXT Champion was refreshing. Sure, he may have lost the title to Karrion Kross, but being the first double NXT Champion can never be taken away from him. His ring work has been altered since the call up, he’s not doing as many high risk aerial moves anymore, but I’m sure one day we shall see them again. His potential is limitless, and it’s not because of his size, but because of his heart.

MVP (Best Manager): Yes, you read that right. I’m putting him over Jake Roberts, Tully Blanchard, even Paul Heyman. The Hurt Business has gone from nothing to being arguably the best stable in WWE. It has won championships, taken out Revolution, and MVP has been the leader of the pack. It’s incredible how he went from being literally nowhere, to being back on TV as one of the best managers in the game. The Hurt Business needs him more than others need their managers, which is why I think MVP gets this.

Randy Orton (Most Motivated): Since Edge returned, it’s like a light bulb turned on inside his head. I wish we had this Randy Orton back when John Cena and Batista was around, because it would have made things more interesting. Randy has been exceptional in every aspect of his game in 2020, so much so he has finally made me admit that he is as good as Evolution made him out to be over fifteen years ago. His championship reigns have been justified. He’s not just an RKO machine anymore… he can actually tell a story!

R-Truth (Best Comedy): If I had done awards for the past few years, he would probably have them all. I can’t get enough of R-Truth. Although Johnny Swinger is a close second for me, daddy.

Bayley & Sasha Banks (Best Team): There have been some good tag teams, but in terms of getting the most success? It has to be the Golden Role Models. For a long while they completely dominated Raw & SmackDown, holding all the gold they can possibly get (unless they went to NXT) together. WWE was figuring out how to do shows in an empty arena, and it was Bayley & Sasha who stepped up in an environment that so many others were struggling to get their heads around.

Otis & Mandy Rose (Best Love Angle): There have been a few love angles this year, including Rosemary & John E. Bravo, Su Yung & Cousin Jake, Murphy & Aalyah Mystero, and can we say Taz’s desperation to get his beloved FTW Championship recognized? But nothing comes close to the heart-warming story of Otis and Mandy Rose. Why did they ever split them up? It’s a travesty.

Roman Reigns (Biggest Transformation): Bravo to Reigns for doing what so many fans have believed he could do for years… become a main event level heel. And I don’t think he needs Paul Heyman to do it anymore, he has transitioned and the story with Jey Uso was great. 2021 is going to be an exceptional year for the Tribal Chief. This is what we’ve been waiting for, and I’m so glad he took the time off to be safe, spend time with his family, and come back knowing he is at the head of the table.

Pat McAfee (Best On Mic): I can’t believe I’m saying this, but it’s true. Echoing CM Punk & Steve Austin’s comments, Pat McAfee has slayed it so hard on the mic he is embarrassing many established talents. Considering he’s a former Football star who has spent much of his WWE career providing commentary and analysis, I don’t think anyone saw this coming. We groaned when Adam Cole started an angle with him, but Pat McAfee has proven he belongs. Eddie Kingston is a very close second.

Drake Maverick (Most Passionate): The video he sent out on Twitter after WWE released him was so gut-wrenchingly heartfelt that WWE had no choice but to backtrack and get him in the NXT Crusierweight Championship tournament. And we don’t know if he knew beforehand, but his performances and the way he acted when Triple H handed him a contract is enough for me to say there is no one who showed they are more passionate about being in this business than Drake Maverick in 2020.

Timothy Thatcher (Best Catch-as-Catch-can): The guys reminds me so much of Stu Hart torturing guys in the dungeon it’s unreal. There is no one in the game today who applies the basics and works ground moves like Thatcher. I really wish more wrestlers would take note of how he wrestles and adapts it to their repertoire, because his offense looks both really simple and extremely painful. It’s not pretty and won’t earn him many Meltzer stars, but boy is this guy flying under the radar. I don’t think many have clocked on to how good he is yet, but they will find out someday.

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