Wrestling In 2020: The Best Wrestler & Other Special Awards


Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae (Best Couple): A marriage is a wonderful thing. Even more so when two former babyfaces transform in to two of the most wicked personalities on NXT. And now they have a stable going, there’s a good chance they can take over NXT like Undisputed Era has before. It might be the only way Candice Le Rae can get the title off of Io Shirai.

Shotzi Blackheart (Best Host): She has grown a lot on me this year, and even more so when she hosted Halloween Havoc. It was a perfect match, and I’d totally go for the same thing next year if she’s still working in NXT.

Edge & Sting (Biggest Return): I can’t separate these two, so they are going to have to be awarded with one each. Edge’s return at the Royal Rumble is the biggest in WWE. Sting’s return to TNT on AEW Dynamite was the biggest there. There’s nothing else coming close.

Tony Schiavone (Best Commentator): Back in the day I didn’t watch WCW Nitro as much as the WWF, but so many told me that Tony wasn’t anywhere near Jim Ross’ level. Either JR has lost it, or Tony has improved incredibly since 2001. Either way, I enjoy a Dynamite more when Schiavone is calling it. I’m also big on Nigel McGuiness and Don Callis, but they haven’t been around enough this year. Wade Barrett has been a decent replacement for Mauro Ranallo. This one is tough to call.

Chris Jericho (Best Guest Commentator): Le Champion can do it all maaaan. The Demo God can write, dance, sing, win championships, and provide the best commentary you have ever heard. It’s like audible chocolate baby!

Orange Cassidy (Best Gimmick): You know what? I’m not even going to try. I know Orange Cassidy wouldn’t try. Here, have half a thumbs up.

MJF (Most Hated): He’s better than you, and you know it. Maxwell Jacob Friedman may be the slimiest, hypocritical doucebag I have ever seen on TV. We know that he’s infiltrated the Inner Circle and will rip it apart from the inside, it’s only a matter of time. I can’t stand this guy! But I also love that I can’t stand him. World Class Tool.

Eric Young (Most Vicious): The “World Class Maniac” returned to Impact with a bang at Slammiversary, his first match being in the main event for the World Championship. He didn’t win, but he would claim the title a couple of months later and begin a reign of terror.

His brutal attacks on Rich Swann and other members of the Impact roster are some of the most wicked beat downs I’ve seen all year. All done with no mercy whatsoever. And in 2021 we’re likely to see more of the same, as he recruits guys like Joe Doering and Cody Deaner to his side. This version of Eric Young is the most vicious, and there are not many out there who can match his ruthlessness.

Tommy Dreamer (Best Legend): In case you haven’t been watching Impact, Dreamer has been exceptionally generous in helping to get talents over this year. Whether it be putting them over in the ring, getting in to feuds, cutting wicked promos, or helping in backstage segments, Tommy has done everything he can possibly do as a legend in the business. Don’t be surprised if he shows up on Dynamite sometime next year with a team of Impact invaders, as he isn’t pleased about this AEW partnership. “MATCH TIME!”

Deonna Purrazzo (Best Newcomer): This talented young woman spent much of her early career bouncing around from promotion to promotion, never getting a proper chance at doing what she believed she could do. And after being dropped by WWE, and looked over by AEW, The Virtuosa signed with Impact and well… made an impact! By becoming the Knockouts Champion. Not once, but twice in the same year. She has a long way to go, but at least someone has finally realised she has something to give.

Kylie Rae (Most Inspirational): We end these awards with a woman who had an incredible year, right up to the point she had to back out of Bound for Glory for reasons which have not been fully explained to us. Her mental health is a serious issue and I hope she will recover. Whether she will return to wrestling is unknown, but whatever happens, I and other Impact Wrestling fans will always remember how Kylie Rae fought to get to Bound For Glory and would have claimed her prize. And it was because she deserved it through her hard work, personality, and passion to be the best. It’s rare that a “good person” can get over these days, but she managed it. No, she was never Bayley 2.0. She was the one and only Kylie Rae.


Before I clock out, one guy I really want to mention is Darby Allin! He was amazing and I can’t think up an award for him, but he definitely deserves some recognition. Jon Moxley did well too, although I believe his title reign floundered when they got Jake Hager & Brodie Lee involved. Ohh! I almost forgot about “Best Wrestler”. That is a very tough decision. Omega? Styles? Reigns? McIntyre? It’s a toss up really.

You know what? I’m going to hand it to The Undertaker for his legendary 30 year career. He can never get this again, so I don’t feel bad handing the honour to him. If you don’t like that? Well, let me know who you think deserves it more. I shall leave any further awards to you guys in the comments section. Let us know who you think deserves recognition for their work in 2020. Thank you very much for reading! Have a lovely Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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