Wrestling Pet Peeves: Moves, Spots & Illogical Working Explained


Canadian Destroyer

No! Don’t do that. A Canadian Destroyer is one of the sweetest, most destructive moves in the history of wrestling because Petey Williams worked hard to make it so. There’s so much disrespect whenever anyone uses it as a signature move or less. Adam Cole. Rey Mysterio. Dustin Rhodes. Did any of these guys ring up Petey Williams and ask “Hey man! Is it alright if I proceed to destroy your moves credibility every week? I’ll appreciate it”. Hell no, they didn’t. They saw someone other than Petey using it and thought hmm… well if they are doing it then I will too.

Petey spent years of his life working his butt off to make the Canadian Destroyer mean something. When he executed it, you knew that no one was kicking out of it. When someone can’t kick out of a glorified punch, but they can kick out of this?! There’s no wonder why wrestling has so many pet peeves. It’s dumb logic and anyone who takes a second to think about it will tell you the same. Don’t be a dick by weakening moves other guys innovated and spent years building up.

The Most Devastating Move Of All Time

The WWE 24/7 Championship is defined by the most devastating move of all time: the School Boy/Girl roll up. It doesn’t matter who you are… you can be a celebrity with no wrestling experience. Even you there! Reading this right now. You can also be the 24/7 Champion. All it takes is a roll up! And you don’t even need to use the tights like they did back in the day.

Some heels still pull the tights, but in WWE it’s pointless. A roll up has become so powerful it rivals how protected King Corbin’s End of Days is. I don’t understand how it has turned out this way. It’s possibly to do with the lack of decent finishers, lazy booking, or management believing it’s the single greatest ending ever. It should terrify you to be 24/7 Champion… because you don’t need to be damaged to lose it. A roll up pin can take down anybody, even if they are 100%. Imagine if it was that strong in the video games?!

wrestling pet peeves

Braun Strowman “Choo! Choo!”

Maybe it’s just me, but I hate the Braun Strowman thing where he runs around the ring and floors guys. His opponent’s should be able to see him coming from a mile away… the guy is the size of a freaking train!

It’s not like he slyly sneaks up on them like a Randy Orton. He comes charging from the other side of the ring and never misses! How has no one sidestepped this yet? I get how it can be exciting to fans at ringside to see this going down, and it gives Strowman something unique, but you have to really suspend your disbelief to make it acceptable for guys to be this blind.

How To Set The Table For Guests

Remember how the forks are arranged. And the spoons. But wait, we’re not talking about a formal dining event. In this instance, we’re talking about how wrestlers like to clear the announce table before crashing their opponent threw it. You know… it tells us they don’t want to hurt them so badly. How nice of them! Such good manners, don’t you think? To consider their opponent’s safety so? I wouldn’t say it’s a “pet peeve”, but it is illogical if you think about it.

I Pull Down Rope. You Fall Through.

Simple right? When the spot is timed right it works super well. But when the timing is off… it’s disastrous. There is no better example of this than a recent match with Lana & Asuka facing Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler. There were two botches here. Lana was far too early pulling down the rope. Nia compounded it by going through the rope anyway.

A fan pointed out the botch to Nia on Twitter, and she had to make light of it. And I’m glad she did, because it’s not the first time I have seen this go wrong. It requires perfect timing because the wrestler running at them needs so much momentum they can’t stop themselves falling through. There’s also a danger of having too much momentum and falling badly to the floor.

Sleeper Hold Wins! Oh Wait…

You know what’s annoying? When a wrestler decides they are going to use a simple move like a Sleeper Hold as a finisher, despite never doing so before. It makes sense if a wrestler debuts and uses it from the beginning. However, when a guy like Dolph Ziggler starts using a Sleeper Hold and picking up wins from it… while every other wrestler isn’t, it makes you wonder how Dolph can lock in such a powerful hold.

Ziggler used the Sleeper Hold as a finisher for a couple of months before they quietly phased it out with no explanation. It works for someone like Chris Masters with his Master Lock because he looked like a guy who could do the strongest Full Nelson in the game. Again, if you’re going to try things like this, it has to make sense.

wrestling pet peeves

No Padding On A Concrete Floor?

Seriously, don’t do high spots on to a table on a concrete floor with no padding. That’s what happened at AEW All Out earlier this year, when Matt Hardy hit his head on the floor during a fall in his match with Sammy Guevara in the backstage area.

He seemed out of it for several minutes, and the decision to allow the match to continue was met with criticism. And rightly so, because the most important thing is a wrestler’s health. His wife Reby Hardy was irate about it on Twitter, and didn’t look all too pleased the following Wednesday when Matt addressed the incident on Dynamite. He was cleared by the doctors, but the fans and his wife were scared for his well-being, and they probably should have stopped it as a precaution.

Rumble & Battle Royal Nonsense

We love a good Royal Rumble or Battle Royal, it’s a great way to get many of our favourite wrestlers in the same space for dream confrontations. But while there are plenty of upsides, they are commonly known for their downsides too. The action for example, often devolves in to nonsensical brawling with little, actual wrestling moves being performed. The competitors will try to eliminate one another, but fail miserably as they hold on to the ropes for dear life.

There are moments in the match where key players are focused on, and only they will be allowed to perform impressive moves that the cameras catch because they have been told. The rest are told to blend in to the background like extras in a movie or TV show, and there’s very little logic going on. You will see guys stopping eliminations for no good reason, when it’s in their best interest to want that. Also, you will see heels hanging around on the outside because stipulations state they are allowed to do so, as long as they don’t get thrown over the top rope.

Surely the best strategy would be to stand on the outside and wait for it to come down to you and one other? Why don’t all the wrestlers have the same idea? After all, it’s not illegal. If the wrestlers were smart enough, whether they are face or heel, they would all stand on the outside staring at each other, and wait for others to be eliminated. It wouldn’t make for a good show, but it’s how the rules are. Only heels are smart enough to figure this out, yet they are looked down upon for being cheap… when they technically aren’t breaking any rules. The Miz used this illogical ruling to win the dual brand battle royal at Survivor Series.

wrestling pet peeves

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