Wrestling Pet Peeves: Moves, Spots & Illogical Working Explained

Lance Storm

“Even if you don’t want to get into things that deeply, focusing so heavily on hooking the leg has led to a much bigger problem than just uniformity. While almost everyone is hooking the leg now, they seem so focused on doing so almost no one is bothering to cover the shoulders any more. With a new focus on making covers “look” better they have in fact gotten so much worse. I constantly see guys grabbing legs while lying across their opponent’s stomach leaving the shoulders completely uncovered, and it drives me crazy.

What if announcers started pointing out that if the guy would have just put some weight on his opponent’s shoulders, you know the things we are trying to pin to the mat, the guy might not have been able to kick out by just lifting his arm. I fear we are focusing so much on one individual aspect of the pin, the leg, that we are neglecting the single most important element, the SHOULDERS.”

wrestling pet peeves

Ivar Cartwheels

When I first saw Ivar do a cartwheel in NXT, I was impressed. It’s not every day you see a big man like him doing that mid-match. But once he got in to working shorter matches on the main roster, the move lost all of its appeal to me. In NXT he would bust it out in the middle of an awesome match, but on Raw he shoehorns it in anywhere he can. It almost became what defines him… he’s the viking dude who cartwheels.

It’s not something I think should be used all the time, I’d prefer he restricted it to special moments like title or PPV matches. He’s better than being known as the big guy who cartwheels… so I hope something changes when he returns from injury.

V-Trigger Cheat Code

Much like a video game, Kenny Omega is a guy who loves to cheat to get ahead. If it means he can level skip, he will do it. But you know what’s more annoying? When someone punches in the code to get finishers activated all the time. And that’s what Kenny does sometimes… he thinks that by spamming the V-Trigger button he makes the match better. It doesn’t.

Much like Superkick Party, it only serves to make the V-Trigger weaker with each execution. We know that One Winged Angel is his main finisher and is more protected, but he has won matches with the V-Trigger as well. Even if he demotes it to a regular signature move, doing 10-15 V-Triggers in the same match is not good. It might be to someone out there? But it’s not my cup of tea.

Aside from that one gripe, Kenny is one of the best wrestlers in the world today. He is 100% deserving of being the AEW World Champion, even if he holds a position of power in the company.

wrestling pet peeves

Overselling Missed Moves

Sometimes called a “Phantom Bump”, it is when a wrestler sells a move that either completely missed or barely connected. This can happen with finishers sometimes, which can really disappoint fans because they know it ended with a botch. You know what I really like though? When wrestlers realise they have botched and fix it by repeating the ending. That’s professionalism!

I also like it when a referee doesn’t just count someone’s shoulders to the mat (when the match is supposed to end) when they aren’t down. There is nothing more infuriating than a pin being called when it’s blatantly obvious that at least one of the shoulders wasn’t square to the mat. But then we have referees like this, who look like they just got knocked out by a ghost.

Running The Ropes

This is another of my biggest peeves! Wrestlers who do not know how to run the ropes. Stone Cold Steve Austin would have a field day! It’s one thing that really grinds his gears. I’m not sure why, but it only seems to happen with smaller women’s wrestlers like Kelly Kelly, Liv Morgan and Lana. There are a few others, but I ain’t about to go listing them all.

It’s so annoying when they barely touch the ropes. They casually place themselves (so it doesn’t hurt) and run off it… but they aren’t truly running the ropes. This is wrestling 101, yet they get opportunities to work with the biggest companies and aren’t being sent for training. How does this crap happen? I have an idea why. Let’s put it this way… If it was a guy doing this he would be out of a job, or at least sent for training.

Climb Ladders How?

“Umm… I climb? How do I climb? Am I in a match? No? Ok I know how to climb real fast. Let me climb ladder quick. Oh… I am in a match? I feel heavy. This is difficult. I will make it to the top one day. Give me a few years, I will get there. I will become champion when I climb ladder. I hope no one catches me. Oh no, I got up one step and they stop me.”

This is how a wrestler’s mind works during a ladder match. Any other time, they can climb it in seconds. During a match, they might as well have bricks in their boots because it will take them all night. This is one of the biggest things new fans point out when they get in to wrestling. It’s really not that difficult to climb a ladder and unhook a title.

I bet most of us here could do it just fine. These guys and girls are supposed to be athletes, there is no reason. But we all know this is how it needs to be done, otherwise ladder matches would be over before anything fun can happen. So it’s a necessary evil… but it doesn’t make it any less annoying or illogical.

wrestling pet peeves

Furniture Arrangement

The Dudley Boyz used to be the biggest furniture movers in the business. While their opponent’s were down, they would take a good 5-10 minutes neatly arranging tables, ladders, and anything else they wanted in and outside the ring. We all know it’s because they have spots planned out in advance, but they aren’t happening if everything isn’t in place.

It takes you out of the action because you’re sat there wondering why they care so much about a table being in an exact spot. Why do they want a ladder there? I think they did this once on a big PPV like WrestleMania for a good 10 minutes. It makes more sense to set these things up as progress through the match ,so it doesn’t look incredibly staged. The Dudleys probably felt like they might forget something if they didn’t though.

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