Wrestling: Simulation of a Sport


Although I am not a fan of amateur wrestling, I must say that I thank it for giving us the derivative of it in pro wrestling. Fans come to the WWE for entertainment sure, but, they also come for sport simulation. Pro wrestling is a hybrid of sport and spectacle. Pro wrestling offers unique characters, it’s also a costumed melodrama pitting good against evil. Also, the wrestlers compete in a wrestling ring and the fans get behind their favorite wrestler.

Let’s talk about psychology. When fans sit down to watch Monday Night Football, are they there to see the band play at half time? No. They want to see their team compete and beat their opponent. It’s a cause that they physically cannot go do but they can root for the team and feel like they are apart of something greater than themselves. Give the fans that, WWE.

Today’s product, promo wise and the quality of the matches, I feel like I am watching a high school production of some bad play.

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