Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #338 – May 2018 Mailbag Q&A


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  • Heat on Big Cass for going against SmackDown plans
  • SmackDown moving to FOX in October
  • John Cena and Nikki Bella “basically back together” according to PEOPLE
  • WWE trademarks “Pete Dunne” ring name
  • Thoughts on WWE Table for 3: TLC Icons with Edge, Christian and The Hardy Boyz episode
  • + more random topics and discussion

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: May Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

    • “Is it fair to say Sasha Banks is the best in ring performer of any of the women on any roster in WWE today? I mean she’s literally given, Asuka, Charlotte, Bayley, Becky Lynch, Alexa Bliss, Alicia Fox, Nia Jax, Sonya Deville, Paige & even fucking Ruby Riott the best matches of their careers!”
    • “Who do you think WWE will choose as the cover star for WWE 2K19?”
    • “Strowman vs Styles vs Rollins vs Bryan? Who’s getting the biggest pop”
    • “Could Brock Lesnar hold the WWE Universal championship and the UFC Heavyweight Championship titles at the same time?”
    • “Is WWE Clash of Champions a co branded ppv? If so could the WWE unify title belts at the event?”
    • “Tony you can just write this on the site, but are you taking any stat from Sexy Superstar tournament for the tournament next month?”
    • “What do you put on your hamburgers?”
    • “Do you think Statler and Waldorf of The Muppets are gay?”
    • “If your birthday is before August 7th which Pokémon in the Pokedex are you? I just make the list at 806 Blacephalon”
    • “What is the worst theme song opening for TV show you’ve ever heard? Answer and reason asking Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Ultra Adventures. How Disney fuck that up?”
    • “Do you think UpUpDownDown will ever play Pokémon? I don’t want a let’s play I want completive matches or a tournament”
    • “I know I didn’t like Ash’s Pikachu talking especially because Ash’s is a boy with a female voice, but what do you think of Detective Pikachu talking in the game? PS no spoilers for end game watching playthrough on Twitch and Youtube”
    • “Do you believe in conspiracy theories? Government and Cartoon or whatever else. I really like the theory Elsa and Anna from Frozen are Rapunzel’s cousin from Tangled, their parents were going to the wedding on ship we met Ariel in Little Mermaid, the parents give birth to Tarzan. I also like Ariel and Hercules are cousins because Zeus and Triton are brother in Greek Mythology”
    • “Which The Simpsons future prediction is most interesting to you? Disney buying Fox is cool”
    • “As you know The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump would become president. In that scene Milhouse says the country is broke and Lisa says she is the first straight female president. Do you think they will be right?”
    • “Do you The Rock can win the presidency for the first time every as an independent party?”
    • “What do you think of Ned Flanders taking over Edna Krabapple class?”
    • “What TV show season starts off bad, but after the season break come back is on fire. I pick Gothom season 2-4 started off bad and now is my favorite show on TV”
    • “Do you think Eddie Guerrero had bad luck in Ladder Matches? The fan with RVD and Vickie late against Rey Mysterio Jr
    • “Which tag teams if any do you think after breaking up failed to be good singles guys? This might sound weird coming from me, but James Storm and Bobby Roode”
    • “Do you care about the woman in WWE now? I don’t care about anything they are doing”
    • “On Total Bella Cena flipped out Nikki didn’t tell him a rug came. Nikki went on to say Cena has OCD. What do you think of Cena having OCD?”
    • “I think Nikki and Cena breakup is bullshit. The whole Total Bella’s season is around it is failing. I think it’s all gimmick for the show and they’ll be back together after the season is over. What do you think?”
    • “Do you think Brock is champion just as a fuck you to CM Punk to break the record?”
    • “Do you like how they are switching up the RAW Commentary teams, by rotating with Coach & Booker T?”
    • “Thoughts on Ricochet so far? He is quickly becoming one of my favorites in NXT?”
    • “Do you think Bianca Belair should get more of a push?”
    • “Why do you think WWE is continuously punishing Lio Rush? Is it still for the Emma thing.”
    • “Final NXT Question for now. GI’m thinking at Brooklyn for NXT, we’re getting Black vs EC3, Cole vs Ricochet, hBaszler vs. Sane, ERA vs Raiders, Ciampa vs Gargano in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match. How does that sound?”
    • “Now onto food. What is the most underrated and most overrated food?”
    • “How often do you eat ice cream? I have a Dairy Queen by me here in NJ, so often for me lol.”
    • “If you could make a 20 second phone call to anyone from the past, present, or future, when would you do and what would you say?”
    • “What would you name your kid (girl & boy) if you became a parent?”
    • “Is it difficult for you, to look into someone’s eyes and lie to them?”
    • “Did you or do you still do lie?”
    • “You are in a plane, and there’s a massive fire and you are going to die. Who would you make your last phone call to?”
    • “Which one would you choose. Love with a guarantee of heartbreak, or no love at all?”
    • “Do you like pickles? Pickles are absolutely disgusting in my mind!”
    • “Were you a fan of Dr Seuss books?”
    • “Favorite board games? Trouble was a good one for me. Apples to Apple is always a good one, cards against humanity is sexually hilarious, and Candy Land was a awesome one as a little kid. But my favorite of ALL TIME, is hands down Monopoly!”
    • “Were you someone who would put their lunch in a lunch box or a bag as a kid?”
    • “Did you have recess as a kid? If so what did u play?”
    • “To go back to NXT, but did you hear that at an NXT Live Event, they changed the winner to a match between Ohno and Chad Lail, because Lail was so over?”
    • “Do you think The Revival are moving down to NXT since they fought at a Live Event?”
    • “I’m having trouble figuring this out, but I can’t tell if Candice LeRae is actually good on the mic. Is she?”
    • “If Styles loses at MITB, what we he do at Summerslam? I think he has 3 options. 1 is taking on Samoa Joe in a regular match. 2 is facing Almas who beats Hardy at Extreme Rules for the US Title. Or 3, he faces winner of MITB for the Men side, The Miz in a regular match. Which one would you prefer?”
    • “Will you watch “All in”?”
    • “Is Seth Rollins the best worker in the company right now? In my opinion he is. And I may be going crazy here, but he is my opinion the second best in ring performer today, behind AJ.”
    • “Finally, after watching Mount Rushmore podcast I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Edge. In my opinion I wouldn’t put him on there either, but I think he should’ve been mentioned. Edge has one of the best gimmicks and he is great in the ring and really was a main focal point for WWE for awhile. Do you think someone could give you an argument for him to at least be close to the Rushmore or not?”

BTW, Undertaker is my favorite of all time followed by Edge at number 2.”

  • Do you like the B Team? There actually entertaining me.”


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