Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #342 – June 2018 Mailbag Q&A


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Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Thoughts on Something Else to Wrestle: AJ Styles in TNA episode
  • Tatevik Hunanyan applies for Sister Abigail trademark
  • WWE Super Show-Down announced for Melbourne in October
  • Undercover Boss featuring Stephanie McMahon
  • Thoughts on WWE 24: Hardy Boyz Woken special
  • Paige assaulted by fan outside of Money in the Bank
  • WWE 2K19 Press Conference and cover announcement
  • NXT UK brand officially announced; two new titles coming soon
  • + more random topics and discussion

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: June Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “If you could create your very own legendary Money In The Bank participants from the 1980’s, Who would you fill in the slots and who would you want to win?”
  • “What do you about IHop changing its name to IHob?”
  • “What do you think of Dallas and Robo WWE’s new Youtube Red series?”
  • “What do you think of all the 2X Hall of Famers? WWE Ric Flair, TNA/WWE Sting, Angle, Team 3D and Jarrett and Mark Henry is Olympic/ WWE Hall of Fame, maybe others IDK”
  • “Why do you think WWE is teasing Paige Vs Sonya or Mandy when they know it won’t happen?”
  • “Do you think WWE planed a Tag Money in the bank? Do you that’s why Authors of Pain went to everyone’s favorite show Main Event, Sanity hasn’t been called up and Jason Jordon hasn’t returned to team with Gable?”
  • “What is your best back in my day you have? Easy for me back in my day there was only 151 Pokémon”
  • “On Total Bella’s at Cena/Nikki Engagement party John gave the speech. Then Brie got up, yes, she was drinking and pretty much said fuck your wedding our sister in law is pregnant. The next scene was the “breakup”. This baby and Birdie played into the breakup, but not her first niece. Do you think Brie did the right thing and why didn’t Nikki wakeup on the first kid?”
  • “Do you really think Dario Cueto is dead? What do you think of Antonino Cueto? I think Lucha Underground is doing some magic angle with that glove and their the same person, not father and son”
  • “When was the last time you forgot wrestling was kayfabe and lost yourself in the moment? My last two Aztec Warfare Lucha Underground’s Royal Rumble when Tommy Dreamer and Chavo Guerrero Jr showed up and Royal Rumble 18 when Rey Mysterio Jr showed up”
  • “Which Superstar do you think TNA pulled off better than WWE? Honorable mention Lucha Underground Johny Mundo, Doc The Director of Chaos aka Luke Gallows, Lashley The Destroyer, conquer of the streak ending Eric Young’s win streak after winning world title at 21-1win streak in 14 and squashed Kurt Angle in his farewell match, WWE something about sisters and Roode not even Beer Money Roode, Roode in generally. TNA Roode not getting over as face call Storm reform Beer Money, hide weaknesses in team, WWE ignore the problem hope it Gloriously works out”
  • “Do you think Vince McMahon Jr hates Father’s Day since a PPV is always on Father’s Day?”
  • “What do you think of the news that Chris Benoit’s heart was swelling up making it 3 times larger than the normal heart meaning at the time of his death he would have been dead in the next 10 months?”
  • “If WWE told you to breakup all the tag teams who is face and heel of the two superstars, do teams have clean breakup staying friends?”
  • “Who do you think needs to turn, which heels would you turn face and which faces would turn heel?”
  • “Before I type I think All In is awesome thing. Did All In set out what it was supposed to do? As far as I understand All In is an Indy show and the challenge was for ROH or TNA to sell 10,000+ when originally proposed”
  • “When are we getting A Snack Talk Podcast?”
  • “Since you record the podcast in the same room why don’t you do punishments when you get more PPV match predictions wrong on PPV prediction? You jump out a plane or be buried alive something like that something like that”
  • “When is Velveteen Dream getting called up? If he isnt called up in like a week or so, then I could see him doing a short stint as a baby face against Kona Reeves at Takeover, because its like the Finest vs The Dream. PS Im not a fan of Reeves yet.”
  • “Do you think WWE could make there own Bullet Club esq faction, with the Undisputed Era, by having there be new leaders when their called up and such?”
  • “Thoughts on the Big Brother 20 cast?”
  • “Thoughts on Ziggler winning the IC Title? I Hope Callum is on for this because I would love to hear his rant, even though I don’t dislike Dolph, but he SHOULDNT have won.”
  • “Would you be cool if Ellsworth/Asuka had a Intergender Match?”
  • “Time for my first food question, do you like bacon mashed potatoes?”
  • “If CM Punk never left, what do you think he would’ve done in that span and where would he be at now?”
  • “When do you think The Bar will break up?”
  • “Favorite type of steak?”
  • “If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer someone cheering you up or leaving you alone?”
  • “If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, that you could make happen in the WWE this year, what would they be?”
  • “What are some names you would like to see for the Mae Young Classic 2? I would LOVE to see Lo Shirai, aka the greatest womens wrestler in the world, Madison Eagles, Sienna, Mandy Leon, Chelsea Green, and Taeler Hendrix”
  • “Have you tried blood sausage? Do you like it?”
  • “What is your all time favorite moment from The Simpsons? For me, it is when Sideshow Bob gets bested by the rakes.”
  • “Were you a fan of The Office? If so who was your favorite character and moment? For me Michael is the best, and the fire Dwight caused.”

2018 Sexiest WWE Superstars Tournament Qualifying Round

  • The preliminary round of the 2018 Sexiest WWE Superstars Tournament is underway as 37 men and 14 women must be eliminated in order to determine the brackets for this year’s contest!



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