Wrestling Smack Talk Podcast Episode #378 – February 2019 Mailbag Q&A


The content for this week’s playlist of Smark Out Moment SMACK TALK wrestling podcasts (episode #378) consists of the following videos:

Hot Tags Topics of the Week

  • Chris Hemsworth to play Hulk Hogan in biopic film
  • Goldust changes Twitter and Instagram handle to DustinRhodes
  • TJP, Arn Anderson, Hideo Itami and Tye Dillinger released from WWE
  • WWE rehires Bruce Prichard for creative team
  • Undertaker trademarks Dead Man Talking for podcast use
  • + more random topics and discussion

Internet Wrestling Community Outreach: February Mailbag Questions & Answers Inbox

  • “Have you seen this new guy from NXT, Eric Bugenhagen? I like his charisma and scream but his “air instrument” gimmick might be a bit too goofy for the main roster. He could wind up another No Way Jose or even an Adam Rose. What do you think about these types of gimmicks, You might as well just make him part of 3MB already.”
  • “If you had a custom belt what would it look like? For example material, centerplate”
  • “Do you think Kofi Kingston is ‘over the hill’ or can he still have a run at the top at this stage in his career?”
  • “Do you see Undertaker ever having another match in WWE or anywhere else, and which non WWE person would be a dream match for him?”
  • “Do you listen to any podcasts such as the Attitude Era Podcast or the New Generation Project Podcast? (Callum might know them as they’re Brits) Highly recommended :)”
  • “Which Kane Mask is your favourite? I like the 03 mask with no mouth cover.”
  • “If Scott Steiner gets inducted into the HOF do you think he’ll tell Stephanie and HHH to fuck off?”
  • “So with this Disney+ streaming service coming out this year what marvel stuff would you like to see in it bar the already planed Loki, Scarlet Witch & Vision and Falcon & Winter Soldier series?”
  • “Do you think that the other TV shows will be brought over eventually? I.e. Agents Of Shield, Clock & Dagger, it any of Defenders shows?”
  • “Marvel’s Kevin Feige announces that a new show will air on Disney+, Silver Surfer. Who would you cast for the role?”
  • “He also announced that the Blade character will be introduced in the Disney+ Shows universe now including all Marvel TV shows. Where would you introduce this character? Personally I’d have him first show up in either season 4 of Daredevil or Punisher Season 3. ( I can imagine them working in a scene with The Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider and how awesome that would be)”
  • “Are there any other lesser known characters that you would Marvel to give a TV show to?”
  • “What is going on with the DC Film universe or whatever it’s called these days? Feel like we need a state of the DCEU address?”
  • “In your opinion, who won the legendary battle at Mount Silver? Red or Gold??”
  • “Where should gen 8 be based on? Personally I’d like it to be based on like 18th or 19th Century Britain.”
  • “I know Wago done a Nuzlocke of I think Sapphire ages ago, well the one episode of it… you guys ever thought of doing any Pokemon gaming on Fanboys??”
  • “Since you like Lion King so much do you know the hidden meaning behind, I Just Can’t wait to be King? Simba wants to be king, but for that to happen Mufasa must be dead at the point of singing. Simba is pretty much saying I can’t wait for my Dad to die so I can rule. This is made worse when Scar convinces Simba he killed Mufasa because he wanted it to happen subconsciously”
  • “I saw Fighting with my Family and I have a lot of the same thoughts as Tony, but here are somethings he didn’t mention? What do you think of Naomi being casted white? Paige speaking IRL not in movie and the match being so much longer in the movie? And AJ had a bodyguard Tamina who wasn’t in the film and pissed me off they forgot her. What do you think that they forgot Tamina?”
  • “What you think of Nikki saying she was in the best shape of her life is when she was dancing, not wrestling?”
  • “Do you think Daniel Bryan needs new music and look?”
  • “What match at WrestleMania do you want to see and know you won’t? Beer Money Vs American Alpha and John Cena Vs Becky Lynch are my picks.”
  • “What do you think of Triple H treating the 5 brands more as a territory rather than a brand?”
  • “If Roman Reigns is added to the match for the Universal title, would be a fan of that?”
  • “Who do you want to have a biopic that doesn’t already?”
  • “What do you think of The Hardy Boyz reuniting?”
  • “What do you think of Walter so far?”
  • “Mary, Fuck, Kill: Road Dogg, Billy Gunn, X-Pac”
  • “Do you think Jimmy Hart will induct Honky Tonk Man?”
  • “Would you rather be 3 feet shorter or 3 feet taller?”
  • “Would you rather discover the cure for cancer, or would you rather 100% know if God is real?”
  • “What did you want to be when you were a kid?”
  • “Favorite kind of eggs? I like scrambled”
  • “What did you think of the Oscars (might only be for Tony)?”
  • “Do you like Valentine’s Day?”
  • “Are we going to get predictions/post-show podcasts for all AEW Events?”



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