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Wrestling’s Top 5 Vehicle Entrances


Thanks to Shotzi Blackheart and her mini tank, Steve Cook presents Wrestling’s Top 5 Vehicle Entrances!

I am a big fan of what Shotzi Blackheart brings to the table. Her neon green hair, her tattoos, her general ballsy badassness are all good things in my book. She’s pretty darn good in the ring too, so I’m expecting big things from her in NXT. Especially now that she’s coming to the ring in a freaking tank! She knows how to make an entrance.


Mark my words: Shotzi will be NXT Champion by the end of 2020. When you’re driving something down to the ring, or being carted to the ring, you’re destined for success. I don’t make the rules, man. It is what it is. I would recommend buying any and all Shotzi Blackheart stock that is available. (I am a stockholder.)

This feels like the best possible time to look at the top 5 vehicular entrances in pro wrestling history, does it not?

5. JBL’s Limo Entrance

Let’s be honest: John “Bradshaw” Layfield needed a lot of help to get over as a main eventer. After years of toiling in the mid-card, people had problems seeing JBL as a top guy. One thing that really helped his cause: riding a limo to the ring. Everybody knows that if somebody’s riding around in a white limo, they’re an important person. If that white limo has some longhorns on the front, they must be really important!

4. The Legion of Doom’s Motorcycles

Some of you will wonder why I chose LOD’s Wembley Stadium motorcycle entrance over the litany of Undertaker American Badass motorcycle entrances. Seemed like an easy choice to me. Sure, LOD’s entrance gets some points taken off because of Rocco the dummy, but Undertaker had Kid Rock & Limp Bizkit singing him to the ring. I think we all agree that Nu-Metal was a bad idea and needs to be left in the early 2000s. LOD is timeless, even with Rocco.

3. Rusev’s Tank Entrance at WrestleMania 31

This was a one-time only entrance, but it still stands out as the highlight of Rusev’s career. Sure, the whole Rusev Day thing was pretty cool too, but it doesn’t get any better than driving out in a big-ass tank at a WrestleMania. The above video is kind of sad though, as you can see Rusev realizing that he’s already reached the highest point he will reach in his profession.

2. Eddie Guerrero’s Low Rider

Eddie started driving various low riders to the ring while he was teaming with his nephew Chavo in Los Guerreros. It became an integral part of his lying, cheating & stealing persona that turned him into a main event level WWE Superstar. The low riders varied in quality, but most of them were cooler than anything that most of us will ever drive.

Honorable Mention: King Sedans


Every wrestling king has come out on one of these things at some point or another. It gives random indy guys something to do, I suppose. The best are the ones where the king falls off the throne.

1. The WrestleMania III & VI Ring Cart


When you’re holding events in large stadiums, you need to make certain concessions so wrestlers don’t get blown up on their way to the ring. The perfect way to avoid that? Have the wrestlers get carted to the ring in a mini ring! It’s an awesome visual, especially for Andre the Giant’s WrestleMania III entrance when everybody is pelting him with garbage. I have never seen a better heel entrance for a main event match. He didn’t even need music!

It also makes for a good exit. Andre’s exit, which resulted in more garbage being thrown his way, was great. We also got Hulk Hogan’s exit from the WrestleMania VI match with Ultimate Warrior, which Hulk will tell us that everybody in attendance was looking at him exit instead of Warrior’s in ring celebration. I don’t know about that, but I know that ring carts need to make a comeback post haste.

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