WTF is this music playing?


How did you know that the shield was going to make a
dominate entrance to the arena during the night of a show? You heard their
theme, and how did that theme go? Their theme music was a song that you could
sing out loud or in your head, a theme from when you hear someone reading call
letters, you instantly thought of the Shield. Their theme, that also described
the superstars that were coming to the ring.

What I’m getting at is what the fuck are we listening to
when the former members of the Shield; Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, make
their grand entrance. Rollins’ attire is already questionable, but his theme
seems like a last minute choice out of a pile of indie themes. Ambrose’s music
sounds like the perfect opening for Smackdown/Superstars or any other WWE
program for that matter.

But these two aren’t the only ones safe from my rant; the
winner of the inaugural Andre the Giant memorial, (Antonio) Cesaro. I don’t know
what they’re going for with his theme, because I don’t think it truly defines
him or his character in anyway; it’s just loud and annoying and random strums
after the breakdown. Look guys, maybe it is just me, but a theme goes into
making the superstar. Look at how Bray Wyatt’s compliments his character, or
Mark Henry, when you see him walking to the ring, you would really think
someone is about to get their ass whooped. I mean look at what Fandago’s theme
did for him after his debut.

Ladies & gents of the IWC, maybe it’s just me being
picky or what not, but just think of your favorite athlete’s theme and how easy
it comes to mind. Also think of the most notable stars of the past, do you know
their themes or at how they start off. When you hear glass shatter, who is the
first star you think of?

As far as Diva’s go, I’m not even gone mess with that.

For a quick honorable mention: Rybaxel & Bo Dallas, you
have Ryback’s strong hard hitting riffs, which in turn flooded out by the horns
in Curtis’ theme, fucking up the tempo of the song. As for Bo, I don’t know
what the fuck to do with, I just he joins with his brother sooner or later
while in his Wyatt character.

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