WWE is the biggest wrestling promotion in the world right now, but how did they get there? I’ll tell you how. The WWE has robbed, lied, and deceived promoters, owners, and fans for decades in an effort to enhance their product and also fill their pockets. Not a lot of people are aware of this, but the WWE doesn’t own a vast majority of the rights and trademarks that they utilize on a regular basis. One of the WWE’s most popular shows is WWE Superstars. During a period in the 90’s, the WWE was engaged in a legal battle that ultimately proved that they had no such control over the trademark.

The owner of the trademark is Albert Patterson. An African American wrestling promoter whose first use of Superstars of wrestling dates back to 1979. The case decided that SUPERSTARS OF WRESTLING and WORLD WRESTLING ASSOCIATION and words that would cause confusion with Mr. Patterson’s marks were entirely in his sole possession.

In late 2015, Mr. Patterson made contact with the WWE in an effort to sell his rights over his marks. The WWE responded stating that they were in fact interested, and when Mr. Patterson requested that he sell his marks for $5 million it was turned down. The WWE knowingly used Mr. Patterson’s trademark for years promoting their own product and superstars. $5 million is a quantifiable amount that in all honesty is rather low for the money that Vince McMahon has made utilizing said mark. In today’s wrestling community, a wrestler isn’t even known as such they are known as sports entertainers or superstars. Mr. Patterson isn’t asking for 50% of Mr. McMahon’s company, nor is he asking for an outlandish and absurd amount of money. What he’s asking for is what he’s owed. All of the years that the WWE has profited by using his mark was another year that he languished. It was another year that he spent glued to a computer trying to find proper documentation to strengthen his case, but instead he was lambasted with WWE advertisements. He’s had to watch as an already wealthy man continue to make money At the end of the day, can a man who is deserving of his slice of the pie get his share?

Countless media outlets advertise WWE Superstars unknowingly, and this is basically a call to action! Albert Patterson needs everyone’s help to get pictures and videos pulled from numerous online channels to help combat the tyranny of the WWE. This is the only way that they can be stopped. The WWE should not be able to monopolize wrestling and prevent others from thriving as well.


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