WWE 2021 New Year’s Resolutions for Superstars and More


I’m not a fan of the whole gimmick of being put through the table and all, but I’d at least like to see some finality to the story instead of it being another one that just disappears.


Watch your back. Charlotte Flair is going to steal that Raw Women’s Championship from you. Guaranteed.


From a behind the scenes approach, I think Asuka needs to turn heel. WWE doesn’t seem to book her all that seriously as a babyface and positions her as being good enough if she has a title to compensate for her losses and lack of creative direction. As a heel, maybe they’d care more.

Aleister Black

To be honest…leave WWE. It’s probably better to go somewhere else at the moment. No one seems all that interested in giving you a push and since your wife is gone, you’ll probably enjoy the work less and have more tension.

Tommy End can be successful in AEW. Not “come in and win the world title in a few weeks” successful, but probably better off than in WWE as evidenced by this time on the main roster.

Dominik Mysterio

Another more serious one: just keep working at it. Improving step by step is going to make a big difference in the long run.

Work out more to get a better physique. Get in the ring with everyone you can learn from. Push yourself for acting classes so you can cut better promos. The more you improve and the quicker you dedicate yourself to it, the easier it’ll be in the long run.

Robert Roode

As your buddy Dolph Ziggler would say, “Do something.” Anything. You’re squandering your final years and not at all tapping into your potential. You should’ve been a world champion. What are you doing?!


Complete that heel turn. Push for a feud with Rey Mysterio over the “Greatest Mask of All Time” versus your “Greatest Luchador of All Time” moniker. Be what Sin Cara was supposed to be, but failed at.

Lars Sullivan

Therapy. Not so much for the character, but for the man himself. We can all see there are problems. If WWE is triggering episodes and fits of mania or serious depression or whatever is happening, it’s not the right job for your mental health and you should sort that out.


In a few months, when they pitch the next terrible gimmick for you, turn it down. You’ve been the farting girl, the one who throws temper tantrums, the one who walks Great Khali around, etc. Just getting an opportunity to do something hasn’t worked out most of the time and if you like this BOAT thing, you can’t just turn into the girl who jumps rope backstage or eats a croissant in her entrance or whatever the hell WWE Creative comes up with.

Liv Morgan

This isn’t so much Morgan’s fault, but it may be in part. This character/performer (to whatever extent) has to shit or get off the pot with this whole “I’m trying to find myself” gimmick.

Nothing’s changed except the wardrobe. You’ve got to have SOME ideas for this character by now other than tossing her into the lesbian angle for the sake of it.

Writers need to think of an actual direction and go with it. Morgan herself needs to test things out on social media to try to get a response and build from that. But you’re not getting anywhere with the story of the setbacks. Ask Ziggler how long he’s pitched “I’m the best wrestler who is overlooked and should be the guy, but isn’t” and how little success has come out of that (despite how, for a few years, he was right).

Whoever Calls the Shot on the TV Shows

Think about this in advance: if you can’t find the ability to write properly for all the content going on right now, how could you possibly also factor in NXT India, NXT Japan, NXT Mexico and/or any of the other shows rumored to be in the works?

You simply can’t. So go into 2021 with a methodology that it’s time to reassess the programming. Raw, NXT and SmackDown are the money-makers that aren’t going anywhere, but the same can’t be said for the others.

If Main Event only exists to fulfill a contractual obligation of “must have a show with wrestling matches that isn’t just recaps” for Hulu, get rid of Main Event and replace it with something with actual value that people will feel they want to tune in to see.

Get rid of 205 Live. It’s already incorporated into NXT and you haven’t updated the graphics with the ninja thing since the show’s inception. Replace that with either nothing (ideally) or with one of those NXT shows.

Maybe consider making NXT UK not a weekly show. Maybe it would be better to do a program like “NXT International” where you tape matches from India, Japan, Mexico and the UK and you air one program per week that incorporates matches from each. That will cut down on the tapings and allow people to see lots of different flavors. Or do them as monthly specials with one 2-hour long NXT UK, one 2-hour long NXT India, etc.

You’re spreading yourselves too thin and if you go even thinner, the product will suffer even more.

Santos Escobar

Beat. Jordan. Devlin.

Take the word “interim” off the front of your NXT Cruiserweight Championship reign and make it official.

Isla Dawn

Turn heel. You desperately, desperately need it. I’ve been saying this for like 2 years now.

Rik Bugez

Where have you been? Your resolution should be to get back on WWE television. It’s been long enough that I don’t even remember your last match. At a certain point, you’re going to cease to be a member of the crew they even realize is available to use.

Those are my suggestions, but what ideas do you have in mind, particularly for the wrestlers who didn’t make my list? Do you have any resolutions for yourself this year? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

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