WWE 2K22 General Manager Mode – Is it good?


It appears to be random as to who you do and don’t get a chance to draft, and the same applies to mid-season drafts too as the ‘Free Agent’ pool randomly changes each week, although that could be explained by the other GM’s picking Superstars up or not renewing their contracts and letting them go.

Once again though it seems like an unnecessary restriction, which I can only presume would have taken more time to program in than if you just had free reign across everyone.


Oh, and there’s no trading either, at least not that you can instigate yourself. Occasionally your rival brand might offer you one of their Superstars for a price, or someone might defect and offer you their services, but if you want someone on the opposite roster you’re out of luck unless one of those things happen or they get released.

Final Thought

I don’t want to be too negative, because I DID still have fun playing 2K22 General Manager mode.

But its biggest crime is that it doesn’t even replicate what already worked over a decade ago. Had this been an exact replica of what we had in 2006/2007, but with an updated roster, gameplay and graphics, I would have been more than happy even if there was no clear progression.

But instead we got something that feels very rushed, and I hope the 2K developers have plans to build on it for the next iteration of the WWE 2K franchise, whenever that might be.

Am I looking at the old G.M Modes through rose-tinted spectacles? Almost certainly, but could (and should) 2K22 General Manager mode be way better than it is? Definitely.

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