WWE Acknowledges The Bella Twins Mother Marrying John Laurinaitis


As noted, – Kathy Colace, the mother of Nikki and Brie Bella, revealed on Instagram that she is now engaged to marry John Laurinaitis. Here is what she posted on her Instagram account:

Special night. Birthday dinner and my engagement. #peoplepower #BellaArmy
A photo posted by Kathy (@kathycolace) on

WWE has acknowledged the engagement and posted the following on WWE.com:

“As revealed on the Instagram account of the mother of The Bella Twins, Kathy Colace, former Raw General Manager John Laurinaitis is now the future stepfather of Nikki and Brie — and father-in-law of Daniel Bryan. The happy couple celebrated their engagement over dinner with Nikki and John Cena, who Laurinaitis battled — and defeated — at WWE Over the Limit 2012. Leave it to the lovely Bella women to get two old rivals to put down their swords and pick up their wine glasses.”

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