WWE Battleground 2014 PPV Predictions


WWE Battleground is a stacked card if you wanted to sum it up in a short fashion. All the matches on the card have a meaning and the potential to be a really good match at the end of the day. Will Brock Lesnar be plan C? Who will be the next Intercontinental Champion? Can the Wyatts beat out the Usos for the tag titles? So many questions to be answered. Down below, I like to think that I have answered those questions.

2 Out Of 3 Falls Tag Team Title Match: The Usos © Vs. The Wyatt Family

Even though they have worked against each other several times in the past month or so, The Usos  Vs. The Wyatt Family is still an A+ feud. They tore the house down at Money in the Bank and with the stipulation and with some time given, these two teams will do it again. It seems the time and place for the Wyatts to win the title, but where do they go from here? A rematch with the Usos at Summerslam? Other than these two teams, WWE does not have another tag team that really stands out as contenders. If the Wyatts lose here, it will not hurt them, but will give them an excuse to go after the Usos with more drive than they did before. Usos win 2-1 falls.

Prediction: The Usos Retain!

Divas Title Match: AJ Lee © Vs. Paige

Paige wins the title on her first night on the main roster and AJ wins the title back from her on her first night back. This is the defining point in this program. If these girls get seven or so minutes, they can put on what a Divas match should be. Paige is slowly turning heel while keeping the questionable Babyface role. Expect Paige to dominate the match, be so close to victory, but only to have AJ win out of nowhere to retain the title. You then have Paige turn full heel with a post match beatdown.

Prediction: AJ Lee Retains!

WWE Intercontinental Championship Battle Royal: Fandango, Sheamus, Cesaro, Damien Sandow, The Great Khali, Ryback, Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas, Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam, Big E, Alberto Del Rio

There are lots of WWE Superstars in this match and that leads to a ton of ways that this match can. This match does a lot of good for alot of WWE Superstars for many reasons. Getting on the PPV, but more importantly with all of these stars, they can tell stories in his match that leads to further programs.

As far as the winner of the match goes, the two Superstars stand out in my opinion. Reigning, defending, U.S Champion, Sheamus and Cesaro.

Sheamus is the current U.S Champion and entering the battle royal to be the potential IC Champion will speak more speculation that WWE is unifying the IC and U.S title.  He has noted on Twitter that he would like to do that and is a strong possibility if he walks out with both titles.

Cesaro, “the King of Swing” was on a hot streak, but in recent weeks he has fizzled out. With a recent losing streak, Paul Heyman not on this past Monday’s Raw and Brock Lesnar returning soon, could this lead to a Cesaro face turn?

Prediction: Cesaro grabs the gold!

Chris Jericho vs. Bray Wyatt

Chris Jericho has made his grand return to the WWE, but now meets the rising star Bray Wyatt. Here is the great thing about Chris Jericho, he puts the younger talent over. Leading into his feud with John Cena, Bray Wyatt was on fire, but with Cena not putting him over, it slowed Wyatt’s momentum down. I expect this feud to continue onto Summerslam and if that is the plan, Chris Jericho needs a win to continue this story. Bray will get the final laugh in this feud, but Chris Jericho needs it more on Sunday. Chris Jericho wins the battle, but will not win the war.

Prediction: Jericho

Dean Ambrose Vs. Seth Rollins

One of the most anticipated matches heading into Battleground. With the program of the story being carried by these two, the expectations are higher than any other match on the card. Will Dean Ambrose get his revenge on former best friend Seth Rollins?  Or Will Rollins find a way to victory? Those are two very important questions. These  two have wrestled for the past month at live events and according to reports tore the house down. Hopefully, that is the case come Sunday. With the angle on Raw with Rollins, Kane and Orton taking Ambrose out backstage, look for Rollins to take full advantage of that attack. Rollins has a chance of getting away with a cheap win and thus Ambrose having an excuse of being hurt seven days prior to their match. Rollins get’s it done with a roll up.

Prediction: Rollins

WWE World Heavyweight Championship Fatal 4-Way: John Cena (c) vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane

This really comes down to John Cena and Roman Reigns. This is technically a fatal four way match, but only two stars have a real chance of winning this match. Randy Orton and Kane have been on a downhill slide for sometime, both are in need of a desperate momentum push. You have John Cena who is the top dog in WWE and the champion. On the other flip of the coin, you have Roman Reigns, the young rising star. In storyline, it makes sense for Orton and Kane to be added to this match, but with tension between them, you can toss them out as real contenders to win this match.

With all the promotional work WWE has already done, Cena is the clear cut winner of this match. The real questions is this, are people more intrigued about who will win this match or will Brock Lesnar show up?

Prediction: Cena retains, but only to be attacked by Brock Lesnar.

Quick Picks: 

Naomi def. Cameron

Rusev def. Jack Swagger

Agree, Disagree? Let me know in the comment area below. As a reminder, come back to the site to check out our live play by play coverage of WWE Battleground.

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