WWE.com Hypes Up ECW, Ric Flair Says ​Randy Orton Is Out ‘Indefinitely’, Layla/Ricky Ortiz Married


— On the latest edition of Ric Flair’s podcast, he mentioned that Randy Orton will be out “indefinitely” from WWE.

— Layla El and Rich “Ricky Ortiz” Young were married this past weekend as previously reported here on the website.

— WWE has been hyping up ECW on their website due to Tommy Dreamer’s return. They have a story on the five most extreme moments (find it here ) and a poll about the fans’ favorite forgotten ECW star (find it here). With 18,498 votes cast, The Sinister Minister (James Mitchell) is leading with 26% over Joel Gertner, Kronus, Roadkill, Hack Myers, Chilly Willy, 911 and Cyrus.

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