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WWE Devil’s Advocate: The 24/7 Championship is a Great Title


They’re never in a position to win a better title. You’re not going to see Titus O’Neil win the Intercontinental Championship. Shelton Benjamin’s always been awesome, but he’s past the point where he’ll win the Universal Championship. Mojo Rawley was never going to headline WrestleMania.

But this title gives them a chance to do SOMETHING they can hang their hat on. They can tell people “I’m a former champion in WWE” even if there’s an asterisk to it.

Imagine how that must feel to be Peter Rosenberg, where you’re a fan from childhood and you aren’t stepping in the ring as a performer, but you’re still able to say you scored a pinfall on national television or pay-per-view and beat a WWE Superstar to win a championship. That’s awesome.

Old stars like Pat Patterson had one more moment in the sun. People who popped up for guest appearances like Kelly Kelly got to get a pop from the crowd and chuckle at the lunacy of their former job.

R-Truth is the MVP of this title. He’s made it his baby. Do you think Dana Brooke likes having a belt after all this time, even if it’s just the 24/7 Championship and not the Raw or SmackDown Women’s Championship?

They know it isn’t the same as winning the big one, but it’s still something they wouldn’t pass up.


Some Genuinely Funny Moments

“Hold on a second. I have to write up a quick post about how Santa Claus just became a WWE champion. This is my job.” – a direct quote that I’ve said before.

Humor is subjective. Clearly, what Vince McMahon found hilarious wasn’t funny to everyone. Even though I haven’t laughed at 9/10 scenarios with the title, because much of it grew old, there are some moments that made me legitimately laugh.

The first time we had several new champions crowned immediately one after another was a wild ride. It’s overplayed now, but at first, wow.

Ted DiBiase pays Alundra Blayze for the title? Gerald Brisco gets one up on Patterson for some stooge action? REFEREES have won the title? Maria Kanellis beat her husband while she was pregnant and got everyone to stop chasing the belt for a while because they finally had some morals, only for Mike to take advantage of pinning her while she was getting an exam done.

Some of this stuff (key word “some”) was worth a chuckle. R-Truth’s original hunt and games with Jinder Mahal was way better than any of the Reggie and Akira Tozawa stuff, or any of the crap with Tamina and the love story angle.

You can’t please everyone all the time, and you can’t just write for one audience, either. Just because I didn’t find it funny to see Tozawa and Truth hiding in trash cans while Reggie flips into oblivion doesn’t mean some portion of the audience wasn’t loving it. Keep that in mind. People have different opinions.

Speaking of which…

My ACTUAL Opinion

All the arguments above are essentially made with the preface that if done well, these are good ideas. Unfortunately, WWE hasn’t actually accomplished this. The 24/7 title has more promise and potential than it has true value.

It’s trash and everyone knows that. From the moment it was unveiled as one of the many “quick fix” gimmicks WWE tried to do with the whole “gritty third hour of Raw with less lights that we give up on immediately” and Raw Underground and such, everyone crapped on it because the belt looked atrocious. The reputation that’s followed hasn’t been much better.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be something better.

I would personally redesign the belt a bit. I’m not a fan of the rainbow straps. The green leather looks awful and the empty side plates are distractingly bad. You can’t be expected to replace the side plates for each Superstar who wins it, since it revolves around too often, but why is it just a blank square? Why isn’t it at least the WWE logo, the words 24/7 or a clock design?!

Black strap, or maybe a dark gray one to differentiate it. Cool it down on the title changes so when it happens, it’ll feel more special, as we need to reeducate the fans and condition them to not expect it every show anymore.

Maximize your exposure. Why did Bad Bunny not lose the title on Saturday Night Live? That could have been the running gag throughout the whole show with multiple people winning the belt over the hour, pinning each other during sketches and so on. Get people talking about it.

Do something different. Put the title on a guy like Omos and have it be the total opposite of what we’ve seen, where instead of someone having to run away just to escape losing the belt, its now on someone who can safely walk the halls and anyone who messes with him is swatted down.

I want this title to retire with R-Truth, eventually, but I don’t think it needs to go away right this minute. However, if they don’t start fixing it soon, I don’t see much overall value in keeping it that much longer, as I doubt it is helping the ratings at this point.

Did this at least get you to think the opposite way temporarily? Are you sold on the argument?

What other ideas of Devil’s Advocate topics are you interested in seeing me tackle in the future?

Drop your ideas in the comments below!

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