WWE Do Not Lie About Possible Failures With The WWE Network


With how testing went with NXT Arrival I can’t say that I have much hope for WrestleMania 30 will have with no problems happening. You have over at least one million viewers checking out what is supposed to be the biggest show of the year. WWE can’t be 100% certain they will have no problems at all. I understand that NXT was their first time and I also understand that Main Event is airing live on a weekly bases on Tuesday nights. I am just concerned as a viewer who is looking forward to WrestleMania and having problems with the service.

I can appreciate the fact that they are trying to get as much testing done as they can. I also appreciate that we get WrestleMania 30 for ten bucks rather than 70$. WWE is a business and they have to do / say whatever they can get people interested in their product and especially the WWE Network. To sit there and tell a lie for businesses is all fine and good for a company side of view. For a customer who gives you ten dollars a month for the WWE Network it is not. 


We are not stupid or unaware of what happened. When you have thousands of people complain about an NXT show that is nowhere near as large as WrestleMania is and then expect there to be no issues come April with Mania it’s simply not realistic. NXT is nowhere near as big as WrestleMania is and that’s the bottom line.Even when you have been doing PPV for close to thirty years and you do it on a monthly base, you are still going to have issues. There are always complaints with the WrestleMania PPV with the service. Sometimes people cannot buy the event and sometimes they get blackouts or other problems out of WWE hands. WrestleMania has not just been bought for a bunch of marks, it is bought by everyone. 

From casual to mark fans, from someone who only watches “Sports Entertainment” once a year or the guy who watches it Four nights a week plus the WWE Network. Which would be me. WWE is smarter than that, they want you to think that they have everything under control and with no problems. 

Unless we are in a Vince McMahon’s bubble where he is the jury, judge and executioner then there are going to be problems. Comparing Main Event to WrestleMania is not the same whatsoever and I get that. Does WWE understand? Where Main Event might have close to a quarter or more people watching live and then another hundred thousand on Wednesday nights compared to a million is not realistic. 

Problems will happen and i understand that. What i have a problem with is that WWE needs to realize mistakes happen and that they need to be fixed before WrestleMania 30 to not have all of their hard work and money be a complete failure.

Everyone has their own opinion and this is MINE. Thanks for reading along and this is entertainment purposes ONLY. You can follow me on Twitter so we can interact.

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