WWE Draft 2020 Review: SmackDown Feuds Worth Anticipating


Welcome to part 2 of the 2020 WWE Draft examination of feuds worth looking forward to—this time, focusing on Friday Night SmackDown.

Unfortunately, since the blue brand only received 2/3 the picks, there are far less superstars on the roster. That means there are also many less options for feuds in general.

Also, to be perfectly honest, I feel WWE did a poor job balancing out SmackDown once again. There isn’t enough variety in heels and babyfaces, nor the right amount of people on the levels of the totem pole.

With that in mind, while this is a smaller list than Raw (part 1), there are still some matches I’m excited about. Let’s take a look.

Roman Reigns’ Opponents

Drew McIntyre’s list was pretty long. For Roman Reigns, I’m kind of stretching to come up with some ideas.

A feud with Daniel Bryan is the #1 choice. The Tribal Chief against the leader of The Yes Movement makes sense as Reigns was the golden boy while Bryan was the person fans were pushing 5 years ago. In particular, this should play out nicely if they can get a crowd to react. Without it, though, I don’t think it will be anywhere near as interesting, even though it’s the best option.

Kevin Owens could have a good feud with Reigns. I don’t doubt that. KO is awesome.

To a lesser extent, I think Big E could have one good shot at the title and Rey Mysterio could get one match worthwhile (but I’d never think he had a chance at winning).

I do think there’s some potential in Reigns taking out Otis and playing on those sympathies. The downside to that is it’s essentially a burial angle and that would defeat the purpose of giving Otis the Money in the Bank just to ruin him.

Frankly, everyone else is a heel or they are too low on the totem pole to matter. Nobody will buy into Dominik against Reigns, for instance.

Sami Zayn’s Challengers

At least Zayn has an easier road ahead of him, since he can pick up his feud with Bryan where they left off and work with pretty much every other babyface, too.

Big E could conceivably take the title from him. Rey Mysterio definitely could, too. Otis, once he fails to cash in his briefcase, could become intercontinental champion.

Dominik could even beat Sami. The same goes for Apollo Crews or Murphy. All of them can be on Zayn’s level and I’d be interested to see what he can do with them.

Naturally, if Cesaro were to turn babyface, I’d like to see the Cesaro/Zayn feud revisited where the roles are reversed from their days in NXT.

Even though he and Kevin Owens have already had a million matches together, I think it might be worth revisiting that, too, as they’re also on opposite sides of the spectrum from all those matches. I wouldn’t mind having them team back up down the line and go for a tag title run, though.

Daniel Bryan Matches

Outside of the aforementioned Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn feuds, there are a handful of people I think Bryan can have some quality matches with, even if they aren’t the longest, most in-depth feuds.

There’s no way he would work poorly against Cesaro or Shinsuke Nakamura, for instance. It doesn’t need much substance. They can just have some matches here and there (just not too many; don’t make it where they have 14 matches in a row like WWE has been doing lately).

I’d like to see Bryan against the heel Kalisto. That could be fun. I also don’t think we scratched the surface of what his feud with Baron Corbin could be.

Give me Bryan vs. Aleister Black, too. That could be pretty sweet.

But the big one is Seth Rollins. The whole messiah character is very adversarial to the Yes Movement philosophy and they’re both trustworthy to put on a great match. This could be WrestleMania, if Bryan isn’t fighting Reigns.

Rey Mysterio vs. Kalisto

The GMOAT against the GLOAT. If you’ve got the Greatest Mask of All Time and the guy calling himself the Greatest Luchador of All Time, with the latter being a cocky jerk at the moment heading toward a heel turn, this is a given.

This could be the feud we should’ve gotten with Sin Cara, where Rey is finally in a position where he has to face his younger self, in some ways.

The Women’s Division

The key to SmackDown’s women’s division is Bianca Belair. Frankly, there isn’t a single other pairing that I’m particularly thrilled about seeing. They all involve Belair.

Sure, BayMella could reteam and fight Liv Morgan and Ruby Riott, but would I care after one match? Do I really want to see Natalya vs. Sasha Banks, or is it just filler that I could ultimately do without and save time by not watching that at all and cutting the episodes shorter?

With Belair, though, we haven’t seen her properly feud with Bayley, Carmella, Natalya, Banks, or pretty much anyone except Zelina Vega. Her first-time matches will be something I’m into and beyond that, if she has great chemistry with any of them, I’ll likely want to see more.

What feuds are you looking forward to seeing now on Friday Night SmackDown going forward? Keep the discussion going in the comments below!

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