WWE Elimination Chamber 2017 PPV Match Card Lineup Predictions


If a tag team title match gets scheduled, I’d assume The Usos would earn the opportunity, but I’d actually be more interested in seeing Slater and Rhyno wrestle and secure their split, similar to what I think will happen with Sheamus and Cesaro by the time Fastlane comes around (if it doesn’t happen on tonight’s episode of Raw, that is).

For that matter, what’s Jack Swagger been up to? Can’t they find a tag team partner for him just to have him wrestle Chad Gable and Jason Jordan? That could be fun. Why not try Mojo Rawley out with Curt Hawkins just for a goof? I’d love to see something different here instead of just going with the top heel team against the top babyface team.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Apollo Crews / Kalisto

Since none of these three men particularly excelled at the Royal Rumble, I imagine their feud will just continue instead of being pushed in any distinctly better direction. All of them could potentially be factored into the Elimination Chamber match, but with far bigger fish to fry who aren’t also set up for any kind of feud, WWE should weigh the options and go with this as a pre-show match so the other wrestlers can be in the title picture. Nobody would expect Kalisto or Apollo Crews to have any kind of an actual chance at winning the belt and with Ziggler’s primary character trait being “guy who doesn’t get the job done”, the same applies to him as of late. The only real question is how this would work, as it’s not going to be a handicap match, so which one of them does Ziggler face? Crews and Kalisto have no beef with one another, so there’s no reason to turn it into a triple threat, and if one of them has to sit it out, which one do you choose to put on the sidelines?

Intercontinental Championship Match

If Dean Ambrose isn’t in the Elimination Chamber match, he will definitely be defending the Intercontinental Championship. Part of me is now starting to think he’ll be lumped in with Ziggler, Crews and Kalisto in some kind of Fatal 4-Way, but that might be reserved for WrestleMania in some kind of ladder match as WWE loves to do that as of late. Perhaps he faces The Miz and they try to rekindle that feud? Maybe he’s booked in a gimme with James Ellsworth?

Those are my predictions for what we’ll see, but what do you think will end up happening? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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