WWE Elimination Chamber 2021 Preview: Full Card, Match Predictions & More


Notable Superstars Missing from the Card

Note: This is not a full list of everyone on the roster who is not scheduled for the show. It excludes jobbers, injured talent, people who wouldn’t have normally been expected to appear on the show for some fashion, those who are unable to perform due to travel restrictions and so on. It also should be noted that much of the information regarding COVID-19 pandemic regulations and precautions is not public knowledge, so there’s no telling if anyone on this list or elsewhere is not going to be on the card due to those factors.


Braun Strowman = The Monster Among Men wants to know why he wasn’t put in the Elimination Chamber match and he blames Adam Pearce and Shane McMahon. As he should. Of course, we know part of the reason, if not the full reason, was because he had some sort of infection in his bloodstream that may or may not be cleared up. Frankly, I’m not too convinced he won’t still be in it. I think there’s a chance he attacks Jeff Hardy or someone and replaces them.

RETRIBUTION = However, I think if anyone attacks a member of the cage match and replaces them, it’s more likely Mustafa Ali takes out Kofi Kingston. That just writes itself. Ali is pissed that Kingston replaced him and took his potential WrestleMania spot a few years back and he is looking for payback. Kingston’s been attacked and replaced by Edge prior to the Elimination Chamber before. Maybe it happens again.

Bray Wyatt and Alexa Bliss = However x2, if there’s only one instance where someone interferes in this match, it will be The Fiend and/or Bliss screwing Randy Orton out of it. I feel that’s a certainty.

John Morrison and The Miz = In a rare instance of pure logic from WWE, they had The Miz opt out of the Elimination Chamber in favor of preferring to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on the beaten down winner. I love that he wanted John Morrison to get in the match as his replacement, too. Very smart. Both guys could potentially show up to try to cash in. If not, I’m curious what the explanation would be. Maybe Sheamus wins after coming out last and he’s not beaten down enough to capitalize on, for instance. I guess we’ll see.

Damian Priest = I’m not too shocked Priest doesn’t have a match. He hasn’t been given someone to properly feud with. That’s okay for a newcomer on an event that is as messy as this is. But if he doesn’t have anything at all going for him in the next few weeks, that won’t be good.

Naomi and Lana = How foolish of me to think the No. 1 contenders would be the ones getting a title match, right? At least Dakota Kai and Raquel Gonzalez booked their match for March 3rd. Lana and Naomi are just getting pushed away from the front of the line for the sake of not doing that match yet. Bad booking.

Charlotte Flair = I’m convinced she’s replacing Lacey Evans.

Big E / Apollo Crews / Shinsuke Nakamura = On a card that needed more matches, WWE decided to write Big E off with an injury that would prevent him from defending the Intercontinental Championship against either of these two, or in a Triple Threat match. I guess pay-per-views just don’t matter anymore and they’re only meant to kill time for random television things that are meant to kill time, too. This match will probably take place at Fastlane or on SmackDown instead.

Seth Rollins = The primary person Rollins seems to be gearing up to feud with is Cesaro. Since he’s in the Elimination Chamber match, it makes sense Seth doesn’t have an advertised spot here. I’m cool with that.

Dominik and Rey Mysterio / Chad Gable and Otis / The Street Profits / Dirty Dawgs = “I know! The answer to fixing the Otis character isn’t that we should put in the effort to write a storyline for him, instead of having him sit on the shelf with nothing to do for months. Clearly, we just need to turn him heel!” WWE is stalling for time massively with these tag titles. I wonder if that’s because they have absolutely no ideas in mind, looked at these four teams, said “We need two heels and two babyfaces for a Fatal 4-Way” and figured it’s easier to turn Otis and Chad Gable rather than The Street Profits or The Mysterios, and that’s as far as they’ve gotten. Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins should have had their title rematch weeks ago. I’d go so far as to say they shouldn’t have dropped the belts to begin with. Why isn’t this on the card?!

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