The Pros and Cons of WWE Evolution Pay-Per-View


Con: Over-Exposure and Incessant Promotion

This may sound harsh, but WWE has a tendency to beat things into your brain to an annoying level, and I’m worried/concerned that this event is going to suffer from that mentality.

Already in just one episode of Raw, there were something like a dozen segments that mentioned this announcement purely for the sake of emphasizing its importance.

It is important, but by the third time someone was going “Isn’t it great?” I started to get tired of hearing it, and I don’t want that to become a thing.

I don’t want SmackDown to beat me over the head with this 8 times tomorrow. I don’t want every episode of the Mae Young Classic programming to hammer this historic event as if I’m going to forget about it. I don’t want to spend all of August and September and October CONSTANTLY hearing about it and how wonderful WWE is for doing it and how every woman on the roster is so proud and passionate.

I get all the points already. We all do. Nothing else they say in that kind of regard is going to be anything we haven’t heard enough times by now to be anything different. All I’m interested in now is what the card is going to be, and then watching it.

The more this turns into the promotional equivalent of someone shouting repetitive things at me as if I have memory loss and can’t understand, the more it will sour me on the idea as a whole, and by the time October 28th comes around, I’ll have grown a distaste for Evolution and won’t be as excited for it.

But until then, I’m seeing mostly nothing but reasons to be happy about this announcement and the concept as a whole.

This is great for PR, great for the talent, great for morale, great for progress and could really end up being a great lineup of matches to turn into one hell of a card, too.

In the meantime, keep the discussion going by telling us how you feel about it in the comments section. What are you anticipating the most? What are you nervous about? Does anything bug you about this and why? Whatever you have in your mind, cut a promo below!

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