WWE Evolution Review and Match Ratings


Overall, a predictable, but solid match to end the night. ***1/4


My excitement level wasn’t all that high going into Evolution, primarily due to the deplorable booking on WWE’s part. However, the women embraced this historic night for them, and they delivered on my side. Even matches such as the battle royal surprised me and everyone moved as though they had a chip on their shoulder with something to prove. Perhaps that’s when superstars perform at their best

The title matches were all solid, with the NXT and Smackdown women’s title matches raising the bar, the Mae Young Classic being a solid outing and everything else serving its purpose, keeping the crowd entertained in the process. For all of the women who worked hard and busted their ass to get to this point, take a bow. This night is yours. Never forget what this felt like.

Thumbs up for WWE Evolution.

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