WWE Finally Listening As We Approach WMXXX


There are many reasons why being a WWE writer must be an aggravating job, seeing as they deal with pressure and re-writes on a consistent basis. Whether it’s Stephanie, Triple HHH, or the boss himself (Vince), the main goal is to produce a product that garners ratings and excitement. Over the last few years the direction seemed to be in question as the product had become predictable and stale. Obviously, the Rock was brought in to build some excitement, but everyone knew when he would win the belt and when he would lose it. This is just one example of how there was never any intrigue to how this storyline would build or flourish, leaving a lot of us to question where it was headed and for how long.

As I have been reading in many of the recent editorials, there have been many questions arising about the use of part-time wrestlers, such as The Rock and Brock Lesnar. I have no issue with guys like this coming back on limited roles, but I definitely think they do not deserve major title runs or matches. In my opinion, this creates major animosity and separation in the locker room, leaving the full time wrestlers wondering when their shot will come next.

Over the last few months, its starting to seem like WWE finally gets it. Did it take most of there shows being basically hijacked by the fans? Was it the BOO-TISTA chants and signs? Could it have been the chants of boring or we want a refund? At any rate, upsetting the people who pay your bills is definitely not the way to be successful. In just a short period of time we have seen some major changes which I have listed below:

1)Batista was turned heel after they finally realized no one really cared he was back and that he was basically being booed out of arenas around the world.

2)CM Punk may have finally ended his sabbatical. Looks like his return may be imminent leaving us to believe WWE knew what we all have been saying for weeks, which was that the Wrestlemania XXX card looked extremely weak. The option of putting Punk against someone like Triple HHH, gives them many other ways to utilize the other wrestlers on the card.

3)According to multiple sources on this site, sounds like WWE finally figured out that no one cared about the main event between Randy Orton vs. Batista and have put thoughts into making it a triple threat match for the title. Did anyone notice how bad the exchange between Orton and Batista was last week on Raw? It even sounded for a second that Randy was trying to come over as face?

4)With all the talk about the changes to Wrestlemania XXX, it certainly sounds like Daniel Bryan maybe indeed headed for destiny by being named the 3rd wrestler in the main event. If CM Punk does make his return, this should be the opening that the most over wrestler in the WWE needs to make an impact on the grand stage.

5)The rise of the Shield’s Roman Reigns seems like it heats up more and more every week. It started at Survivor Series and has been culminating ever since.

6)The notion of John Cena as a motivator, not a champion. John Cena is the main attraction on every card, but even the main man can get boring at times too. It seems like WWE has pulled him from the Title race and put him in a role for which I think he has excelled in. The road through Cena has stuck so far and has lead to some exciting matches, most notably with Bray Wyatt.

7)WWE dropped the name Antonio, deciding that Cesaro was a name that would fit their character better. Cesaro had 2 excellent matches recently and has developed into a force over the last few months. It definitely looks like he is in line for a push up the ladder and deservingly so.

These are some of the many changes I’ve seen, showing the WWE is going in another direction. This direction is what most of us fans have been clamoring for from week to week. It is nice to see WWE willing to change to meet the fans expectations, if that was truly the reason. If it was, we will probably never know. One thing is for sure, it seems like WWE is finally travelling down the same road as us fans have been for the last several weeks. Do you guys think they are finally listening to the fans, or have these things been in the works for some time? I’m interested to see what you think?

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