WWE Finishers: Rating Raw Superstars Biggest Moves (1/2)


Hello and hope all is well! Today, we are looking at a full list of WWE finishers for Monday Night Raw superstars. Here’s how they will be rated:

Attractiveness (A) = Does it look amazing or devastating? Finishers benefit from looking cooler than your average move.


Effectiveness (E) = How often does it put opponent’s away? This isn’t just about having a 100% win record, it’s about frequency too. If we’ve only ever seen it once or twice, it won’t be as effective as for example, a Jackhammer; which we know has put away countless names. You could also say the most effective finishers are “well-protected”.

Originality (O) = Is the finisher more remembered when used by someone else? Has it been previously (or is still) used as a regular move? Is it completely new to WWE? If so, it could become synonymous with this superstar. If the move was taken from outside the company, there’s a chance I might not know about it… but if I do? It will get noted but it won’t hurt the rating too much.

Rating System

I cannot think of other ways to rate finishers, but I will consider adding more criteria to the next article if something obvious is pointed out to me.

Before we start, I have thought a lot about how to rate each criterion. We’re so used to giving out “stars” for wrestling. It’s a 5 star here, a 6 star there, and even decimals like 3.25. It’s impossible to decide why one finisher gets half a star more than another. Instead, I’d like to do this with medals. Naturally, the best are awarded Gold [πŸ₯‡]. Runner-ups receive Silver [πŸ₯ˆ]. Third placers are happy with Bronze [πŸ₯‰]. Anything lower gets nothing.

A superstar can get a medal for each criterion and earn points. After each is ranked, the resulting points will give them an overall medal for their current finisher. Some WWE Superstars have several finishers, so I’ll have to talk about the one they are currently using; they will be marked with an asterisk (*). A Gold is given if they receive 8-9 points. Silver will range between 5-7, and Bronze 3-4. Anything under 3 points will get them no medal at all.

Disclaimer & Exemptions

The rankings are subjective as they are entirely my opinions. All I ask is you join in and let us know which moves you think should be hailed as the best & worst. You don’t need to hook in a wicked ankle lock just because I didn’t rank your favorite superstars finisher as highly as you’d like. With that said, there are several superstars I cannot rank for the following reasons:

Alexa Bliss — Since she has come under the spell of The Fiend, she has been using Sister Abigail instead of the Snap DDT or Twisted Bliss finishing moves. As Bray Wyatt uses it as his finisher, there is no reason to rank it twice.

Montel Vontavius Porter — Since returning he hasn’t had many matches, and the only time he has won with anything, it was a Fisherman’s Suplex Pin. He’s more of a manager these days.

R-Truth — His latest was called the “Little Jimmy” (Leaping Reverse STO). However, since he became 24/7 Champion, the roll up “School Boy” pin has become his move of choice.

Humberto Carrillo / Lana — His finisher isn’t easy to pinpoint, because some say it’s the Aztec Press. Other times it’s a moonsault. I also saw him do this half moonsault move? Lana is similar because she has three different moves, but none are used consistently.

Dabba-Kato / Omos — Kato does not have an established move yet, although as Babatunde he had something cool called the “Doomsday”. Omos is in the same boat.

Tucker — Difficult to find a move for him. He has had so little success since splitting with Otis I’m not going to bother.

Jaxson Ryker — He used to do a Sitout Chokeslam, but on Raw this week he hit a Boss Man Slam on Jeff Hardy. So I’d have to wait to be sure.

Goldberg / Triple H / Edge / John Cena / Big Show / Ronda Rousey — Not doing these individually because they are not around enough. Also, we already know Goldberg’s finisher is Gold Medal standard, so let’s not make a whole entry stating the obvious. Rank them yourself if you like.

WWE Finishers

WWE Finishers – Raw Superstars

AJ Styles – Styles Clash, Phenomenal Forearm*, Calf Crusher

AJ has had many finishers over the years, but he prefers the springboard Phenomenal Forearm in WWE.

A: While the springboard and flying aspect looks phenomenal, the forearm itself looks average. Photography mid-flight is top notch and wrestlers sell it really well. The fact it doesn’t look as cool as the Styles Clash is the only reason I can’t give it a Gold: πŸ₯ˆ

E: Before coming to WWE, it was a signature move rarely picking up any pin falls. Since he started using it in WWE though, it has become as dangerous as anything else. I cannot remember anyone kicking out of it: πŸ₯‡

O: As far as I know, nobody anywhere was doing this before AJ. If they were, it was him who made it famous. It makes Styles look younger than he is, because you won’t see many 40+ years be this agile: πŸ₯‡

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 8 (Gold)

Akira Tozawa – Diving Senton

In NXT, Akira Tozawa used a delayed German Suplex before moving on to 205 Live, where the Diving Senton became his weapon of choice.

A: One of the most unique aerial moves in the wrestling world. What makes it great is how much height Tozawa gets. To some though, it may come across a little unexcitng because it’s basically a glorified Senton. It was a regular highlight in 205 Live when he was the Cruiserweight Champion: πŸ₯ˆ

E: While it has a huge win rate, we’ve hardly seen it since Tozawa moved up to the main roster. His antics with ninjas and running around after R-Truth’s 24/7 Championship has considerably hurt its frequency. It works a treat when used, but is so rare these days I can only give it a Silver: πŸ₯ˆ

O: While the height of his Senton is original, the move itself has been used in many variations; usually from a standing position. It’s tough to be original with aerial moves because most of the good ones have already been done. I got to give him something for sticking with something original, yet less spectacular looking as other moves: πŸ₯ˆ

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Andrade Almas – La Sombra (Hammerlock DDT)

Andrade is an amazing athlete who made his name as “La Sombra” in Mexico, the same name he gave his finishing move in WWE. I completely respect his work in the ring, however…

A: Let me put it bluntly… I hate this move. It’s basically a DDT with a hammerlock. I’m so unimpressed that it matches my (lack of) enthusiasm for his character. Seriously Almas, there has to be a better looking move than this: X

E: While it looks lame, hardly anyone kicks out of it. He has been pretty successful as a former NXT and United States Champion. For those reasons I have to give him something: πŸ₯ˆ

O: I remember thinking of this move as a teenager when I was messing about with my friends. To me, it’s one of those easy to perform moves almost anybody can do. No, I’m not saying Andrade stole my idea… but clearly not much thought went in to this. Cannot think of a reason to give him another medal: X

Overall Score: 2


Angel Garza – Wing Clipper

Angel Garza has the potential to be a huge star. He has the looks and pedigree to be a great worker, but can his finisher hold up to the same standard?

A: At first glance it looks impressive. The way he sets up his opponent and drops him is sweet. However… think about what the Wing Clipper is doing. He’s basically driving them down backside first, and that’s an odd part of the body to aim for! The fact it looks kinda cool means I have to give him something, but the weird logic considerably hurts its attractiveness: πŸ₯‰

E: During a set of matches in NXT for the Cruiserweight title, Lio Rush kicked out of it. Garza also kicked out when Lio used the move against him. Since coming to the main roster, I cannot remember anyone kicking out of it, but Garza hasn’t used it much lately. There’s a feeling they may be fazing it out for something new, so I’ll give it something… but only just: πŸ₯‰

O: It’s definitely original, but not in a good way. New ideas are great, but they won’t always take the world by storm. I’m not sure what they were thinking when the producers got together with Garza and gave this a thumbs up. Again, I’ll give it something for at least trying to be something new: πŸ₯‰

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

Asuka – Asuka Lock (Crossface Chickenwing with Body Scissors)

The Raw Women’s Champion had an astounding year in 2020, and much of the results came from submission.

A: While it might not look as impressive as some finishing moves, it’s her opponent’s selling which makes it look dangerous. Half the battle is making this old Bob Backlund classic something to be feared, and they have all done a great job with it: πŸ₯ˆ

E: It’s pretty rare to see anyone escape this when Asuka locks it in, and given her win record lately and being a double champion, it has been bumped up to Gold standard: πŸ₯‡

O: I already mentioned Bob Backlund because he was the guy who made it famous. So no, there isn’t anything original about this. However, I will give Asuka’s verson something for bringing it back with a fresh coat of paint: πŸ₯‰

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Becky Lynch – Disarm-Her

Before maternity leave, Becky Lynch was the Raw Champion and most popular woman in WWE.

A: When you talk about some of the worst finishers in WWE, the Disarm-Her always crops up. And for good reason, it’s just an armbar… a regular move for some wrestlers. What’s with the obsession with armbar finishers? The only one who ever did it well was Alberto Del Rio, and even that was lame: X

E: It has a high win rate since Becky got over with the WWE Univese. Before that it was only just at Silver standard, but after the WrestleMania win where she became Becky 2 Belts it got bumped up to Gold: πŸ₯‡

O: There is nothing original about an armbar finisher. Alberto Del Rio. Ronda Rousey. Deonna Purrazzo, just to name a few. There are plenty more who have adopted this everyday move as a finisher, and it only makes sense if the arm is worked over throughout. Add in the fact it’s one of the worst named moves in over two decades, I cannot bring myself to give it anything more: X

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

Bobby Lashley – Spear, Full Nelson*

Bobby Lashley returned to WWE using the Spear (with a flip) he adopted while working for Impact Wrestling. But lately, he has instead changed to a Full Nelson. It makes sense to change it up, considering WWE has Roman Reigns, Goldberg and Edge using the Spear.

A: I have always liked the look of the Full Nelson. It’s simplicity is easily replicated by anyone getting in to wrestling, and makes sense when used by a powerhouse. Flailing the opponent around like a ragdoll adds another layer to one of the most basic wrestling holds. But in saying that, it has never gotten over to any major degree. When you think about great submission holds, the Full Nelson never gets mentioned: πŸ₯‰

E: So far it has served its purpose for Lashley. As the WWE United States Champion, it has to warrant at least a Silver, but it can’t get to Gold til he proves this move can be effective on a long term basis: πŸ₯ˆ

O: When he started using it, the first guy I thought of was Chris Masters. Now there’s a guy who made the “Master Lock” his own. He did it so well it’s strange seeing anyone else using it, but if anyone could pull it off it’s Lashley. Although, I feel like they should’ve gone with something more explosive. Why does no one Military Press Slam anymore? And what was wrong with Lashley’s Dominator? Because WWE had to recycle an old submission move which was already mastered by another, I guess I have to give it the same as the Asuka Lock: πŸ₯‰

Overall Score: 4 (Bronze)

Braun Strowman – Running Powerslam

For a while, Braun Strowman used the regular Chokeslam and a reverse version. I wasn’t a fan of either as it reminded me too much of The Undertaker & Kane. After a few years, as he headed toward winning a major title, he changed it up to a Running Powerslam.

A: A running powerslam is a simple move, til you put it in the hands of a guy like Strowman. The power is emphasized by the sheer brute force of his opponent’s crashing down after he runs ’em across the ring and drops them. Because it’s so simple, it’s difficult to screw up, and Braun could do it on just about anybody. It gets more impressive the bigger his opponent is. On smaller guys it’s only worthy of a Bronze, but when you’re doing it on 300+ pound heavyweights, it’s a sight to behold: πŸ₯ˆ

E: Difficult to gauge, because it took him four Powerslams to put down Goldberg at WrestleMania for the Universal title. It also didn’t keep him on top for long. The fact it’s not very protected tells me that this finisher isn’t the one to bring him the most success. He needs something even more powerful… but I’m not sure what at the moment. This means it will be the first finisher not to be awarded an Effectiveness Medal: X

O: Bringing back old finishers isn’t always a bad thing. As a British fan, I love the fact they brought back good old Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog’s finishing move. And yes, he mastered it, but he didn’t have the sheer power behind it like Strowman does. I’m surprised it took WWE almost two decades to give someone the Running Powerslam. Still, it’s not original, but with the added strength of Strowman giving it a new lease of life, I feel like I have to give it something: πŸ₯‰

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

Bray Wyatt – Sister Abigail

Bray Wyatt’s Sister Abigail is as much a part of him as his many character quirks. Not only that, but ‘The Fiend’ has passed it on to those who “let him in”; like Alexa Bliss. I’m making two entries for Bray Wyatt because he wrestles with two personas, and Alexa uses the Sister Abigail.

A: I have never been a fan of the way Sister Abigail looks. Not a fan of moves where you spin your opponent around and don’t make any real impact. The only attractive part is the setup, where they hang them down and kiss them softly on the head. It can look good if done very quickly, but most of the time it’s not enough and looks like it should be a signature move: πŸ₯‰

E: However, one thing I can say about Sister Abigail is it’s protected. Maybe not as much in the first year or so, but later in Wyatt’s career it has become more devastating. Alexa Bliss has taken it to another level, as it seems to be a Jackhammer equivalent in the Women’s Division. The move has helped Wyatt achieve much success, and Alexa is likely to follow in his footsteps. WWE shows they really like this move by taking good care of it: πŸ₯‡

O: I can’t remember anyone else using this move. Especially with the setup. Bray Wyatt has made it his own, and decades from now, people will see this move performed by others and say “look… that guy is trying to be Bray Wyatt’. That’s called being original in a good way. Even the name is perfect: πŸ₯‡

Overall Score: 7 (Silver)

The Fiend – Mandible Claw

The monster alter ego of Bray Wyatt relies heavily on his finisher to incapacitate everyone standing in front of him.

A: Ever since Mick Foley introduced it, the Mandible Claw has not been a pretty sight. It is meant to be more effective than attractive, but Foley added to this by using Mr. Socko. The Fiend doesn’t have anything extra, so it loses a touch: πŸ₯‰

E: Exceptionally dangerous, the Mandible Claw is difficult to escape from. When it’s locked on it spells doom. It does not look like anyone will ever escape The Fiend’s grasp: πŸ₯‡

O: I love how The Fiend adopted it. He didn’t use it til he came across Mick Foley, and only then did he use the Mandible Claw. Since then, it has become its most dangerous move. So while it isn’t an original finisher, the way The Fiend adopted it was: πŸ₯‡

Overall Score: 7 (Silver)

Cedric Alexander – Lumbar Check

Having seen his work in Ring Of Honor, 205 Live and Raw, I know that Cedric Alexander is one of the best athletes WWE has on its payroll. But is the Lumbar Check as good as his athletic prowess?

A: The move looks better depending on who is receiving it. The best sellers bounce off his knees. I’m a big fan of this move because it looks like it could break someone in half. There’s no other way to describe it, other than it is one of the most beautiful looking finishers in WWE: πŸ₯‡

E: Winning the Cruiserweight title at WrestleMania, and the tag team titles more recently, Cedric ensures he only uses the Lumbar Check when it’s his turn to shine. It’s as effective as it is beautiful, and something tells me it will take him even further. Just give Cedric and the Lumbar Check more time: πŸ₯‡

O: While you could say it’s almost a ripoff of the Backstabber, I don’t see it that way. How Cedric hits it is pretty unique, and I’m surprised no one thought of doing a backbreaker like this before. Maybe someone has in another promotion and I never saw it? The main thing is this is unique to Cedric, and original if you’re only watching WWE. This is the first finisher I am giving a perfect score: πŸ₯‡

Overall Score: 9 (Perfect Gold)

Charlotte Flair – Figure 8

There is no doubting that Charlotte Flair is the most decorated woman in WWE history. And it’s not all because of the name, she is way more athletic than Ric Flair ever was. Does the Figure 8 match up to his Figure Four though?

A: I’m not super in to this move. Yes, the setup for the Figure Four is one of the most iconic in wrestling. But what annoys me is that Charlotte has to go in to a backwards crab position to make it look like a variation. Her crab is supposed to make us believe she is applying more pressure on the leg lock, but it really isn’t. In fact, all she’s doing is making herself more vulnerable to a reversal.

If her opponent was strong enough to turn, she would fall over and lose grip of the hold. The beauty of the Figure Four was the mini-battles you could get, as the two opponent’s tried slapping each other. It could be reversed, reversed, reversed, and reversed again. The Figure Four was attractive in the way it could be used, but the Figure 8 is restrictive, and the crab is well… it’s just a crab. By trying to evolve the Figure Four, the Figure 8 has killed all the fun that could be had. You shouldn’t fix things that were already perfect: πŸ₯‰

E: With the amount of championships Charlotte has won with the Figure 8, it’s a surefire, top of the range finisher with as much protection you’d think it has its own military surrounding the perimeter: πŸ₯‡

O: Is it original? Or has she just taken Ric Flair’s legendary hold, doubled the number, and stuck a crab on it? Why couldn’t she get another move over? Charlotte always said she didn’t want to live in her Father’s shadow, but by copying his finisher, it only makes older fans think of him more. At least she found a way to make the move different without changing it altogether: πŸ₯‰

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Dana Brooke – Samoan Driver*, Swanton

The problem with Dana Brooke is she is rarely allowed to hit any finishers, so many of us may never have seen them before. Her Swanton is very much like Jeff’s, although not as good.

A: I love the Samoan Driver because it suits her powerhouse stature. It’s a bit of shame we don’t get to see it more often, but her & Mandy Rose are getting more limelight now, so maybe we will? The Samoan Driver is perfectly suited for her, but it can only be Gold if she uses it more and learns how to send it home with more authority: πŸ₯ˆ

E: Like I already said, Dana Brooke so rarely gets the chance to hit this move that it’s hard to rate. I’d like to give it a Bronze, but I cannot guarantee it will bring her any future title success. When she finally enjoys a great run, then I’d consider it: X

O: I cannot remember anyone using it, although we have seen moves like this as signatures. Mike Kanellis used it for a while, but he would’ve adopted it after Dana was already in the company. I’m not seeing anyone else, so this is completely unique to Dana, although it has been used sparingly on the independent scene by Adam Cole, Nikki Cross and others as a regular move: πŸ₯‡

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Drew Gulak – Gu-Lock (Dragon Sleeper with Body Scissors)

Gulak may be one of the best technical wrestlers in WWE today, but sadly his wrestling ability and charisma often flies under the radar.

A: Unlike other similar submission moves, the Gu-Lock bends the opponent’s body in a way which looks more painful. Drew’s victims don’t get a chance to struggle because his body scissor is tight, and it’s him who puts in the extra motion. It truly is an underappreciated hold: πŸ₯ˆ

E: When he was on SmackDown, the Gu-Lock was a match for the likes of Daniel Bryan. However, when he was drafted to Raw, he was yet again slotted in to the 24/7 title picture where we probably won’t see it again for a while. I have to give it a Silver though, because I saw the devastation it caused when he lorded over 205 Live with the Cruiserweight title. If Gulak is ever given a substantial break from running around like a clown after the lowest title, the Gu-Lock will serve him as well as the Yes Lock did for Daniel Bryan: πŸ₯ˆ

O: The Dragon Sleeper isn’t a submission we commonly see in America, nevermind in the WWE. This makes it unique in the way that Gulak has taken notice enough to apply one of the strongest submissions of the East to his arsenal: πŸ₯ˆ

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Drew McIntyre – Claymore Kick

I remember when Drew first started using it. He described finding the move as an accident when he was in 3MB wearing tight trousers.

A: If this was a cruiserweight flying through the air with pinpoint precision, it would be impressive, but not as much as a heavyweight. What makes the Claymore look so cool is the fact it’s explosive, can happen from nowhere, and McIntyre’s long legs makes it so the aiming of his boot looks killer. You can really believe in the Claymore being a top tier finisher because Drew has worked so hard to be accurate with it: πŸ₯‡

E: While McIntyre has seen much success with the Claymore in the last year, it has not been as majorly effective as some other moves. Often there are times where it takes two or three Claymores to defend or win the WWE Championship. There are too many instances of him hitting the Claymore backstage, only for his rival to come back an hour later fresh as a daisy. With that fact, I cannot give it a Gold yet: πŸ₯ˆ

O: Drew went through six other finishers before he could finally settle on one he likes. And it so happened to be a move he found by accident. While it is similar to other running finishers like the Shining Wizard, I think McIntyre has done enough to make the Claymore his own, and therefore deserves to take this in to the upper echelon of WWE Finishers: πŸ₯‡

Overall Score: 8 (Gold)

Elias – Drift Away Neckbreaker*, Diving Elbow Drop

Elias spends more time talking or singing than he does wrestling, so this ranking will not be easy to judge.

A: The diving elbow drop reminds me too much of Randy Savage, so I would know if he did this often. The Drift Away Neckbreaker is the one he tends to use, but is so rare I can hardly remember it. When I see it back in videos, it doesn’t impress me in the slightest. It’s just a neckbreaker: X

E: When you can hardly remember a guys finisher, it has to be so ineffective and forgettable it doesn’t deserve any recognition: X

O: A neckbreaker as a finisher is not original because so many use it as a regular move these days. His moveset is the exact opposite of his character and the songs he plays. If only his ring work could be as creative: X

Overall Score: 0 (Terrible)


Viking Raiders – The Viking Experience* (Double Team Powerslam), Fallout (Back Suplex/Leg Drop combo)

It has been a while since we saw The Viking Raiders, but they make up the only double team finisher on the Raw Superstar list.

A: Ehh, it looks kinda cool, but compared to some other double team moves it leaves much to be desired. Also, does it need to be called “The Viking Experience”? I have a Jorvik Viking Center not so far from where I live… which is way more of an actual Viking experience. I kinda feel sorry for Erik with this move, because all he does is throw a guy in the air so Ivar can have all the fun: πŸ₯‰

E: When The Viking Raiders were on a crazy winning streak, The Viking Experience became a regular thing against jobbers. Even when they went up against tougher opposition, it was strong enough to win tag team gold. So there’s no denying it is one of the most effective double team moves in WWE today: πŸ₯‡

O: Nope, never seen anyone else do this. Although, I kinda prefer Fall Out, but not by a long way. Would like to see them introduce something else when Ivar returns, but if not then it will do: πŸ₯ˆ

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Gran Metalik – Metalik Driver (Corkscrew Somersault Bomb)

I remember when I first saw him in the Cruiserweight Classic and thought yeah… this guy. This guy should do great things because he is one hell of a worker. He’s probably my favourite masked guy in WWE. Truly one of the best luchadors in the game when he’s allowed to set fire.

A: How do I describe this? It’s not quite a Samoan Driver or a One Winged Angel. The Metalik Driver is somewhere in-between and I love it! Not sure what else I can say about it: πŸ₯‡

E: While it will pick up a pinfall for Gran Metalik if he uses it, the frequency is so low that it’s a surprise to see it. He has also not won a single WWE Championship yet (not including the 24/7 title). Til that changes, the effectiveness of the Metalik Driver is there, but has a long way to go: πŸ₯‰

O: I don’t really know how original it is, because it’s similar to other moves, but is also not a direct copy. This is the first ranking I am really unsure about, so let’s give it a Bronze to ensure the Metalik Driver gets a Silver overall: πŸ₯‰

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Jeff Hardy – Swanton Bomb

Jeff Hardy remains one of the most fun risk takers in the business, and it’s not always so easy to tell, but it looks like he is enjoying his latest run with WWE.

A: This will be one of the easiest rankings. The Swanton Bomb has, and always will be perfection: πŸ₯‡

E: As Elias said to Jaxson Ryker this week… “You do not kick out of the Swanton”: πŸ₯‡

O: It’s hard to imagine anyone being more original than a Jeff Hardy moveset: πŸ₯‡

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 9 (Perfect)

Jinder Mahal – Khallas (Cobra Clutch Slam)

Jinder has been very injury prone lately. Are you missing him? I am somewhat… but do I miss the Khallas?

A: Ugh, this move just looks like crap. I mean, even a Full Nelson Slam looks better, and the only guy to make that look kinda decent was Test. Jinder isn’t tall enough to pull this off: X

E: It may look bad, but it sure helped him become the WWE Champion. It’s effectiveness cannot be denied, but I wouldn’t say it’s Gold standard great: πŸ₯ˆ

O: Sure, never seen anyone do this before. But like I said for Angel Garza, bad original moves are not getting high medals just because no one else uses them. I’ll give it a Bronze so at least the Khallas can just creep in to Bronze territory:πŸ₯‰

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

John Morrison – Starship Pain

Morrison enjoyed many years away from WWE making more of a name for himself as a Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling Champion. Upon returning to WWE, he is enjoying his time running around with good buddy Miz.

A: When you don’t take the landing in to account, the Starship Pain looks awesome! But seriously, as some may already know… Starship Pain is one of my biggest pet peeves in wrestling. Morrison misses the landing so damn much it’s not even funny. I’m tempted to leave this unmarked because I hate the move to the point I want it dead… but I guess the setup is photogenic: πŸ₯‰

E: He’s not using it much these days, especially since getting in to a team with The Miz. It might still get them the win here and there, so I got to give it something… but only just: πŸ₯‰

O: Ok, so I won’t be biased here. Starship Pain is a truly unique move that no one anywhere is doing. Rob Van Dam had something like it, the split-legged moonsault, but it wasn’t Starship Pain: πŸ₯‡

Overall Score: 5 (Silver)

Keith Lee – Spirit Bomb

Keith Lee used a different finisher altogether in NXT, so his new finisher isn’t easy to rank.

A: The Spirit Bomb is basically The Undertaker’s Last Ride, and I always enjoyed The Last Ride. Not as much as the Tombstone Piledriver, but more so than the Chokeslam. I still think Lee needs some time to master it, so for now it looks really good but perhaps will become great later: πŸ₯ˆ

E: The effectiveness is tough to judge because Lee’s win-loss record is sketchy since he got to the main roster. It’s somewhere in the middle: πŸ₯ˆ

O: Bringing back a classic in the Last Ride is welcoming, and I’m sure The Undertaker talked to Keith Lee and said “sure kid, you can use it better than me”. So with a full endorsement from The Deadman himself, it feels refreshing to give this battle tested finisher a new owner: πŸ₯ˆ

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Kofi Kingston – Trouble In Paradise

The former WWE Champion is loving life as part of The New Day, and his finisher took him on a journey like no one from Africa has ever imagined.

A: It’s the way he does it. I have no idea how he twists his body around like that, but man is it one of the coolest kicks we’re ever likely to see: πŸ₯‡

E: He has won title, after title, after title with this. One of the most effective kicks in the history of WWE: πŸ₯‡

O: And again, much like other perfect WWE finishers, everything about Trouble In Paradise is top notch. No one anywhere has a kick like Kofi’s: πŸ₯‡

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 9 (Perfect)

Lacey Evans – The Woman’s Right

Being mentored by the “Nature Boy” Ric Flair has got to be of great benefit to a woman who struggled considerably in 2020, right?

A: I loath finishing moves that are straight punches. Logically, they make no sense. Why wouldn’t you use it right away at the start? Because there’s no setup, you should be able to. And what about regular punches? Why are they not as strong as The Woman’s Right? Also, another problem is it’s over so fast… blink and you miss it deal. Although I love the name, the move itself is nasty: X

E: It is effective when it lands, but it hasn’t earned Lacey any titles yet. The power is there, but there’s a long way to go til it can be anything more than Bronze: πŸ₯‰

O: Completely unoriginal because William Regal did it with Brass Knuckles, and Big Show did it after that. So it’s repeating a move that has already been done to death and not so long ago: X

WWE Finishers

Overall Score: 1


Lince Dorado – Shooting Star Press

Lince Dorado is another underrated luchador with a ton of potential. Maybe one day it will finally be realized?

A: Always loved the Shooting Star Press. It takes a special athlete to hit this on a regular basis without failing: πŸ₯‡

E: Shooting Star always hits effectively, but it needs a little more if it wants to take Lince to the next level. Also, it has never taken anyone to a main event at WrestleMania, unless you’re Brock Lesnar: πŸ₯ˆ

O: Not an original move because there are so many guys hitting the Shooting Star. Back in Billy Kidman’s day it was a rare delight. Nowadays you see one, you’ve seen them all. Most flying finishers have been done to the point it’s not shocking anymore: πŸ₯‰

Overall Score: 6 (Silver)

Mace – Timebomb

The guy formerly known as Dio Maddin is super tall, but is his new finisher the one to help drive his career forward? By the way, his move isn’t called the Timebomb. I just called it that because it’s similar to the move Hiromu Takahashi in New Japan uses.

A: I’m failing to see the appeal of this. It looks alright, but it was botched on this week’s Raw so I didn’t get the chance to see if Mace had worked on it: X

E: It’s winning matches for Mace in one visit, so that’s a start: πŸ₯‰

O: Sure is unique in WWE. It’s going to take time and a ton of practice to make it his own though. Theres no name for it yet, so I can’t possibly rank it: X

Overall Score: 1


Mandy Rose – Bed of Roses (Lifting Double Underhook Sitout Facebuster)

After moving on from the warm relationship with Otis, Mandy seems to have found herself a new friend in Dana Brooke. But can their finishers help them achieve their first WWE Championships?

A: I’ve always liked this because it looks like you personally wouldn’t want to take it. You’re not in any control of how you land, and it’s pretty photogenic too. Awesome Kong/Kharma did her own version of it, as did Christopher Daniels. A pleasing move suitable for its user: πŸ₯ˆ

E: As stated above, she is still looking for a championship, so time will tell if this will do her any good. It seems protected enough to get her a medal: πŸ₯‰

O: No, it’s not an original move by any stretch. Io Shirai did it before she got to WWE, and so many others have too. Seems to be a favourite among women wrestlers for some reason? Definitely a trend: X

Overall Score: 3 (Bronze)

And there you have it! Because of the sheer volume of the Raw roster, I have had to split this in to two parts. Please check back later this week for the rest of the WWE Finishers for Raw Superstars. Thank you for reading!

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